1 June 1974: Pamela Garrick and Jeff Kevin (Number 96)

1 June 1985: Penny Cook and Anne Tenney (A Country Practice)

1 June 1991: Sophie Lee (The Bugs Bunny Show), Daryl Somers (Hey Hey It’s Saturday), Jo Bailey (Sale Of The Century)

1 June 1996: Isla Fisher, Katrina Hobbs, Nic Testoni, Emily Symons (Home And Away)

1 June 2002: Daniel Bowden, Michala Banas, Bree Walters, Clayton Watson (Always Greener)

Temptation: Tony Barber, Barbara Rogers

1 June 1970: The Seven Network presents the premiere of afternoon quiz show Temptation, hosted by Tony Barber with Barbara Rogers. It later expands to a companion prime time version, Great Temptation — The Temptation that led to a Sale [2020]

1 June 1986: The FIFA World Cup begins in Mexico, with the Opening Ceremony and first match broadcast on ABC. Ongoing match coverage is split between ABC and SBS.

1 June 1991: Hey Hey It’s Saturday (Nine) is presented live from the new Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast.

1 June 1994: World Series Debating (ABC) tackles the topic ‘That Science Is A Health Hazard’, featuring Jean Kittson, Phillip Adams, Lex Marinos, Dr John Funder and moderator Campbell McComas.

1 June 1995: Ten’s new motoring lifestyle show Behind The Wheel is hosted by James Morrison and Monica Trapaga, joined by Dick Johnston and Kevin Bartlett; followed by Your Money And Your Life, hosted by David Koch.

1 June 2003: The Nine Network premieres reality series The Block, hosted by Jamie Durie. Featuring four couples, each tasked with renovating an apartment in the building with the goal of achieving the highest re-sale value.

1 June 2003: The Nine Network screens the telemovie The Postcard Bandit, loosely based on the life of a convicted bank robber Brenden James Abbott, played by Tom Long

1 June 2005: The Seven Network premieres Beyond Tomorrow, a revival of the former Beyond 2000 series, reporting on technical innovations and scientific breakthroughs.

1 June 2007: The final episode of Bert’s Family Feud on Nine.

1 June 2009: SBS replaces the World News Channel with SBS2, maintaining the schedule of international news bulletins during the day but also providing an expansion of typical SBS programming in the evening — SBS2 ready to roll in June [2009]

1 June 2009: The Seven Network debuts afternoon show New Idea TV, a cross promotion with New Idea magazine, hosted by Rachel Friend with Tom Williams and Ed “Fast Ed” Halmagyi.

1 June 2010: Pay-TV channel Movie Extra debuts To Be Or Not To Be, a series of short plays featured in the recent Short+Sweet Festival. The premiere episode features the play Taking A Bullet, written by Steve McGrath and starring McGrath with actor Gerry Sont.

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