24 June 1967: Leonard Teale (Homicide)

24 June 1972: John Meillon (Over There)

24 June 1972: Lew Luton and Vivienne Garrett (Number 96)

24 June 1978: Ugly Dave Gray (Blankety Blanks)

24 June 1995: Nicky Buckley (Sale Of The Century)

24 June 2006: Jason Smith, Chris Hemsworth and Jodi Gordon (Home And Away)

24 June 1973: HSV7, Melbourne, screens the special The Barry Crocker Comedy Hour, produced by Chris Bearde and co-starring Colleen Hewett, Abigail, Paula Duncan, Belinda Giblin, Michael Caton, George Spartels, Denise Drysdale and US actress-singer Gail Boggs. The special was broadcast on ATN7, Sydney, five days later.

YouTube: Barry Crocker

24 June 1985/1991/1996: The Nine Network begins coverage of the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament from London.

24 June 1998: ABC premieres four-part wildlife documentary series Wild Ones.

24 June 2002: SBS premieres documentary series John Safran’s Music Jamboree. ABC premieres New Dimensions with George Negus as a re-launch of the former separately-themed Dimensions programs that appeared in the same timeslot each weeknight. The Nine Network and Fox Sports 2 begin coverage of the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament from London.

24 June 2009: The Nine Network presents coverage of Game Two of the Rugby League State Of Origin — NSW versus Queensland — from ANZ Stadium, Sydney.


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