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On This Day — 4 March

4 March 1967: Les Dayman, Leonard Teale, Jack Fegan (Homicide) 4 March 1970: Kevin Miles (The Link Men) 4 March 1972: Roger Moore (The Saint, The Persuaders), Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch), Gerard Kennedy (Division 4), Juliet Mills (Nanny And The Professor) 4 March 1972: Mike Willesee (A Current Affair) 4 March 1995: Janet Jackson …

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On This Day — 27 February

27 February 1963: Johnny O’Keefe (Sing, Sing, Sing) 27 February 2010: Jodi Gordon (Home And Away) 27 February 1975: ABC screens the movie Who Killed Jenny Langby?, a documentary and dramatised account of the pressures and breakdown of a working class family and the death of wife and mother Jenny Langsby (Julie Dawson, pictured). The …

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On This Day — 26 February

26 February 1972: Gerard Kennedy (Division 4) 26 February 1977: Norman Yemm (The Sullivans) 26 February 1977: John Cornell and Paul Hogan (The Paul Hogan Show) 26 February 1966: New TV station — SDQ4, Southern Downs, Queensland. 26 February 1975: The ABC sketch comedy special Basically Black features members of the National Black Theatre: Bindi …

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On This Day — 18 February

18 February 1970: Terry McDermott, Margaret Cruickshank, Mark Albiston (Bellbird) 18 February 1981: Don Lane and Graham Kennedy 18 February 1989: Rachel Friend and Ashley Paske (Neighbours) 18 February 1995: Isla Fisher and Daniel Amalm (Home And Away) 18 February 2006: Dancing With The Stars 18 February 1972: Bert Newton hosts the 14th annual TV …

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On This Day — 1 February

1 February 1975: Ken James and Judy Nunn (The Box) 1 February 1992: Georgie Parker 1 February 1997: Isla Fisher (Home And Away) 1 February 2003: Brian Vriends and Libby Tanner (All Saints) 1 February 1983: Network Ten‘s Prisoner returns for the new year to reveal the identity of the two characters killed in the …

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On This Day — 29 January

29 January 1964: Johnny O’Keefe (Sing, Sing, Sing) 29 January 1972: Johnny Young (Young Talent Time) 29 January 1977: Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show, New Faces) 29 January 1983: Val Lehman and Maggie Kirkpatrick (Prisoner) 29 January 1994: Melissa George and Jimmy Lucinia (Home And Away) 29 January 2000: Kristy Wright (Above The Law) …

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On This Day — 19 January

19 January 1980: Reg Gorman (The Sullivans) 19 January 1980: Gerard Maguire and Elspeth Ballantyne (Prisoner) 19 January 1985: Mary Hardy 19 January 1991: Alyce Platt (Sale Of The Century) 19 January 2002: Kym Valentine, Dan Paris, Noah Sutherland (Neighbours) 19 January 2008: Natalie Blair (Neighbours), Wil Traval (All Saints) 19 January 1957: Opening night …

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On This Day — 16 January

16 January 1982: Peter Phelps and Pat McDonald (Sons And Daughters) 16 January 1982: Jane Reilly and Tony Dickinson (Eyewitness News, SAS10 Adelaide) 16 January 1988: Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan (Neighbours) 16 January 2010: Kym Valentine and Carla Bonner (Neighbours) 16 January 1983: HSV7 screens the telemovie A Special Place, the story of a …

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Obituary: Les Dayman

Les Dayman, actor best known for his stage and television work, including leading roles in Homicide and E Street, has died at the age of 85. His first TV roles were in plays Weather At Pinetop and Dark Corridor, both produced by ABC in Adelaide. This was followed in 1966 by his first major TV role …

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The Wicked City: ill-fated 1880s drama

In 1971, the Seven Network had bold plans for a new “provocative and bawdy” series set in Melbourne in the 1880s. The network had a proposal titled Man Of Property, starring Robin Ramsay, formerly of Bellbird, in the lead role of a strait-laced English doctor living in Melbourne at the end of the gold rush …

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