The website was launched by Andrew Bayley in February 2000 and at the time was one of only a few websites dedicated to documenting Australia’s television history, with a timeline and special features on significant topics as well as an archive of classic TV listings – currently around 300 listings are published – and an archive of flashback pictures.

Yahoo: TelevisionAU
A mailing list via Yahoogroups was established in 2001 to allow open discussion on various matters relating to television. The list currently has over 170 members.

Blog: Talking TelevisionAU
The blog was established in February 2007 to provide a frequently-updated archive of news, events and items of interest in relation to Australian television, past and present. The blog and original website have now been incorporated in the WordPress platform.

YouTube: TelevisionAU
Established in June 2008 to publish some video material and to interact with other YouTube members with similar interests.

Twitter: TelevisionAU
Joined Twitter in March 2009



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