29 June 1966: Normie Rowe

29 June 1974: Joe Hasham (Number 96) and Paul Karo (The Box)

29 June 1985: Keith Martyn (Seven National News, Adelaide)

29 June 1991: Gina Riley, Marg Downey, Jane Turner, Steve Blackburn, Magda Szubanski (Fast Forward)

29 June 1996: Tasma Walton and Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers)

29 June 2002: Ditch Davey and Caroline Craig (Blue Heelers)

29 June 1977: The Nine Network begins live via satellite coverage of the finals at Wimbledon.

29 June 2003: The Seven Network screens the special Australia’s Celebrity Driving Test, featuring host Peter Colquhoun and contestants Georgie Shew (Always Greener), model Chloe Maxwell, Tom Williams (Room For Improvement), Cornelia Frances (Home And Away), basketballer Shane Heal and comedian Peter Moon.

29 June 2009: The Nine Network premieres This Afternoon, a late afternoon news and magazine program with Andrew Daddo and Katrina Blowers. The program lasted two weeks.

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