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On This Day — 17 August

17 August 1974: Brendon Lunney (Rush) 17 August 1985: Shane Withington and Anne Tenney (A Country Practice) 17 August 1991: Matthew Krok and Rachael Beck (Hey Dad) 17 August 2002: Bec Cartwright and Ben Unwin (Home And Away) 17 August 2002: Holly Valance and Blair McDonough (Neighbours) 17 August 1959: All three Sydney channels present …

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On This Day — 11 August

11 August 1973: Jeff Kevin (Number 96) 11 August 1979: Jamie Gleeson, Peter Mochrie, Lenore Smith (The Restless Years) 11 August 1990: Simone Buchanan (Hey Dad) and Adriana Xenides (Wheel Of Fortune) 11 August 2001: Joy Smithers and Erik Thomson (All Saints) 11 August 2007: Simmone Jade Mackinnon (McLeod’s Daughters), Jane Turner and Gina Riley …

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On This Day — 22 July

22 July 1972: Joe Hasham (Number 96) 22 July 1978: Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show, New Faces) 22 July 1989: Simone Buchanan and Chris Mayer (Hey Dad) 22 July 2000: Joy Smithers and Erik Thomson (All Saints) 22 July 2006: Kate Ritchie (Home And Away) 22 July 1974: Nine screens a delayed telecast of …

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On This Day — 21 July

21 July 1973: Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell (Homicide) 21 July 1973: Tanya Halesworth and Susan Peacock (No Man’s Land) 21 July 1979: Terry Norris, Louise Philip, Greg Ross (Cop Shop) 21 July 1979: Don Lane and Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show) 21 July 1984: Rowena Wallace (Sons And Daughters) 21 July 1990: Simone Buchanan (Hey Dad), …

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On This Day — 13 July

13 July 1968: Tony Bonner (Skippy The Bush Kangaroo) 13 July 1974: Paul Karo (The Box) 13 July 1985: Ray Martin (Midday With Ray Martin) 13 July 1991: Christopher Truswell (Hey Dad) and Rebecca Gibney (All Together Now) 13 July 1996: Catherine McClements (Water Rats) 13 July 2002: Daisy Puckeridge, Erik Thomson, Georgie Parker (All …

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On This Day — 10 July

10 July 1958: Radio star Jack Davey 10 July 1971: Ken James (Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, The Group) and wife Jan. 10 July 1993: Rachael Beck and Ben Oxenbould (Hey Dad!) 10 July 1999: Erik Thomson, Georgie Parker, Martin Lynes (All Saints) 10 July 2004: Aaron Jeffery, Rachael Carpani, Brett Tucker, Michala Banas, Myles Pollard, …

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On This Day — 4 July

4 July 1962: James Condon (The Patriots) 4 July 1992: Matthew Krok (Hey Dad!) 4 July 1998: Jeremy Cumpston, Georgie Parker, Ben Tari (All Saints) 4 July 2009: Zoe Ventoura and Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters)

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On This Day — 15 June

15 June 1968: Tony Ward and Gabrielle Hartley (Hunter) 15 June 1985: Penny Cook and Grant Dodwell (A Country Practice) 15 June 1991: Rachael Beck (Hey Dad!) 15 June 1967: Melbourne’s ATV0 created history when it telecasts the Pakenham race meeting in colour — the first live colour telecast in Australia . Only ATV0 executives, …

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On This Day — 11 June

11 June 1988: Christopher Truswell (Hey Dad!) 11 June 1994: Melissa George (Home And Away)   Monday 11 June 1973: Tanya Halesworth fronts the new daytime current affairs program No Man’s Land, from GTV9, Melbourne, targetted towards female viewers. TCN9 later launches a short-lived Sydney-based program of the same name, though the Melbourne-based original eventually …

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Have a Strictly Ballroom Christmas!

Television.AU wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. This year’s Christmas flashback takes us back to 1992, when TV Week‘s multi-network Christmas photoshoot took its theme from the year’s biggest movie hit, Strictly Ballroom. Decked out in their tizzy finery were Rachel Blakely (Neighbours), Bruce Roberts (Home And Away), Steven Jacobs (All Together Now), Gia Carides …

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