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On This Day — 16 February

16 February 1974: Paul Hogan (The Paul Hogan Show) 16 February 1980: Marcia Hines 16 February 1980: Rebecca Gilling and Margaret Laurence (The Young Doctors) 16 February 1980: Bob Dyer and Bert Newton 16 February 1991: Rebekah Elmaloglou (Home And Away) 16 February 2002: Georgie Parker and Erik Thomson (All Saints) 16 February 2008: Kate Ritchie …

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On This Day — 15 February

15 February 1962: Bill Collins (Sunnyside Up) 15 February 1964: Ken Delo (The Delo And Daly Show) 15 February 1975: Abigail (Class Of ’75) 15 February 1975: Gary Day (Homicide) 15 February 1992: Kym Wilson (A Country Practice, Video Smash Hits) 15 February 2003: Vince Colosimo and Claudia Karvan (The Secret Life Of Us) 15 …

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On This Day — 2 February

2 February 1961: Susan-Gaye Anderson (The Tarax Show) 2 February 1974: Ted Hamilton (Division 4) 2 February 1980: Karen Petersen, Judy Lynne, Alfred Sandor (The Young Doctors) 2 February 1980: Joanne Samuel and Ken James (Skyways) 2 February 1991: Georgie Parker (A Country Practice) 2 February 1992: Ten launches Bert Newton’s New Faces, reviving the …

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On This Day — 30 January

30 January 1958: Graham Kennedy (and Panda Lisner posing as the “mystery bride”) (In Melbourne Tonight) 30 January 1963: Bobby Limb (The Mobil-Limb Show) 30 January 1971: Belinda Taubman (Sound Of Music) 30 January 1993: Kym Wilson (A Country Practice) 30 January 2010: Rebecca Breeds and Lincoln Lewis (Home And Away) 30 January 1984: Network …

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On This Day — 23 January

23 January 1965: Patricia “Little Pattie” Amphlett (Bandstand) 23 January 1988: Lorrae Desmond, Brian Wenzel, Jo Mitchell (A Country Practice) 23 January 1993: Gia Carides (Police Rescue) 23 January 1999: Dan Paris, Daniel MacPherson, Jesse Spencer (Neighbours) 23 January 2010: Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Jessica Tovey, Wil Traval (Underbelly: The Golden Mile) 23 January 1998: Homegrown Shorts, …

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On This Day — 21 January

21 January 1970: Ross D Wyllie (Uptight) 21 January 1978: Marcia Hines (Marcia Hines Music) 21 January 1989: Rachel Friend (Neighbours) 21 January 2006: Myles Pollard and Bridie Carter (McLeod’s Daughters) 21 January 1973: ABC launches its new weekly interview series With Gerald Stone, fronted by the former This Day Tonight reporter. The first program covers …

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On This Day — 20 January

20 January 1973: James Elliott (Number 96) 20 January 1979: Mike Walsh (The Mike Walsh Show) 20 January 1990: Matt Day (A Country Practice) 20 January 1996: Emma Harrison and Richard Grieve (Neighbours) 20 January 2001: Holly Valance, Madeleine West, Krista Vendy (Neighbours) 20 January 2007: Aaron Jeffery and Simmone Jade Mackinnon (McLeod’s Daughters) 20 …

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Obituary: James Davern

James Davern, creator and producer of the long-running series A Country Practice, has died at age 90. Starting his working career in the railways, he went on to become a technician with the Department of Civil Aviation. This led to a technical role with the BBC in London, so when television arrived in Australia he …

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Obituary: Les Dayman

Les Dayman, actor best known for his stage and television work, including leading roles in Homicide and E Street, has died at the age of 85. His first TV roles were in plays Weather At Pinetop and Dark Corridor, both produced by ABC in Adelaide. This was followed in 1966 by his first major TV role …

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On This Day — 23 September

23 September 1989: Georgie Parker (A Country Practice) 23 September 1995: Tempany Deckert (Home And Away) 23 September 1963: Afternoon game shows include The Price Is Right with Horrie Dargie, Video Village with Danny Webb, Say When with Jimmy Hannan and Take The Hint with Frank Wilson. 23 September 1976: The documentary series Australians At …

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