27 June 1971: Bob and Dolly Dyer (BP Pick-A-Box)

27 June 1981: Lynda Stoner and Bill Stalker (Cop Shop)

27 June 1987: Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue (Neighbours)

27 June 1987: Peter O’Brien (The Flying Doctors)

27 June 1992: Mat Stevenson (Home And Away), Jeremy Sims (Chances), Toni Pearen (E Street), Kym Wilson (A Country Practice)

27 June 2009: Jessica Tovey (Home And Away)

27 June 1959: The Shell Presents series presents the play They Were Big, They Were Blue, They Were Beautiful, produced live to air from the studios of ATN7. The play was written by radio serial scriptwriter Ross Napier, whose script won £400 in a Shell Presents competition for an Australian-written play to feature in its series. Starring in the production are Stewart Ginn, June Salter, Gordon Glenwright, Fifi Banvard, Diana Davidson and Kevin Brennan.

27 June 1972: Number 96 debuts in Canberra.

27 June 1982: ABC debuts the mini-series 1915, the story of friends Walter Gilchrist (Scott McGregor) and Billy MacKenzie (Scott Burgess) from the remote Australian town of Bindogundra. Their lives take a dramatic turn with the outbreak of World War I. 1915 follows not only the men going to battle but also what happens to their families and the girlfriends (played by Sigrid Thornton and Jackie Woodburne) they leave back in Australia. 1915 was produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ABC — ABC’s 50th Anniversary — and 1915 [2022]

27 June 1987: The final edition of Melbourne’s TV Scene — Remembering Listener In, TV Scene [2017]

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