Sunday 1 June 1986 — SYDNEY

The FIFA World Cup begins in Mexico, with the Opening Ceremony and first match broadcast on ABC.

Ongoing match coverage is split between ABC and SBS.

Source: TV Week, 31 May 1986

6AM 6am Soccer: FIFA World Cup. Official Opening/Match One: Italy v Bulgaria. Live from Mexico 6am The Partridge Family In The Year 2020
6.30 Family Theatre
6am It Is Written
6.20 Catholic Television
6.50 TV Mass
Music Video (cont’d)
6.30am The World Tomorrow
7AM 7am Cartoon Connection. Includes The New Scooby Doo Mysteries, Challenge Of The Machine Men, Dungeons And Dragons, The Jetsons 7.20 Point Of View
7.30 Turn Round Australia
7am Please Explain
7.30 Hour Of Power
8AM 8am Business Sunday 8.30 The Harry And Ralph Show
9AM 9am Playmates
9.55 The Amazing Adventures Of Morph
9am Sportsworld 9am Sunday
10AM 10am Captain Cookaburra’s Road To Discovery
10.25 Alexander Bunyip’s Billabong
10.30 Flash Gordon
10.55 Dr Snuggles
11AM 11am Divine Service 11am Sports Sunday 11am Tarzan
12PM 12pm Countrywide (Rpt)
12.30 Four Corners (Rpt)
12pm Whiz Kids 12pm Movie: Breakaway
1PM 1.20 State Of The Arts
1.50 Home Grown
1pm Motor Racing: Calder Raceway. Round Seven 1pm Movie: Harvey. 1951 (B&W) [IMDB] 1.50 Movie: The Silver Chalice. 1955 [IMDB]
2PM 2.05 Soccer: FIFA World Cup. Highlights
2.55 Rugby Union
3PM 3pm The Wonderful World Of Disney
4PM 4.45 Wrestling: Commonwealth Games Selection Trials 4pm Movie: The Kid With The Broken Halo. 1982 [IMDB] 4pm Sports Sunday 4.30 Solid Gold 4pm Lovely Brena And Sweet Sin (Yugoslavia)
4.30 Lepa Brena – In Her Own Way (Yugoslavia)
4.45 The Street Singers In Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
5PM 5pm The Winners 5.30 Eyewitness News 5pm Basketball: European Champions Clubs’ Cup Final. Highlights
6PM 6pm Countdown 6pm Seven National News. Scott Lambert
6.30 Family Ties
6pm National Nine News. Ian Ross
6.30 Our World: Cousteau — Search For Atlantis. Part Two
6pm Rugby League: The NEC Big Game 6pm Paths To Art
6.45 Sneak Preview
7PM  7pm ABC News. Geoff Hiscock
7.30 Storyboard
7pm Gimme A Break
7.30 Land Of Hope
7.30 60 Minutes 7.30 MASH 7pm World News. Christina Koutsoukos
7.30 Haroun Tazieff Invites Us Into His World (France)
8PM  8.20 Soldiers 8.30 Movie: The Best Of Friends. 1982 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: Eye Of The Needle. 1981 [IMDB] 8.30 Movie: The Enforcer. 1976 [IMDB] 8.30 All The World’s A Stage
9PM  9.10 ABC News
9.15 Sunday Stereo Special
9.30 International Playhouse (Belgium)
10PM  10.35 Soccer: FIFA World Cup. Italy v Bulgaria. Highlights 10.30 Falcon Crest 10.50 Nightline 10.25 Entertainment This Week 10.30 Soccer: Match Of The Day
11PM  11.25 State Of The Arts
11.55 Year Of The French
11.30 Family Theatre 11pm Kojak 11.25 And Mother Makes Three
11.55 Dad’s Army
12AM  12.25am Close 12am Close 12am Movie: Queen Of The Stardust Ballroom. 1973 [IMDB] 12.25am Second City TV
12.55 Please Explain
12am Close
1AM  1.50 Movie: Lovey– A Circle Of Children. Part Two. 1978 [IMDB] 1.25 Ian Crouch
1.30 Close
3AM  3.45 Soccer: FIFA World Cup. Spain v Brazil. Live from Mexico
(Continues to 6am)
5AM  5.10 The Big Valley
(Continues to 6am)