Tuesday 1 June 1965 — TASMANIA

Source: TV Week, 20 May 1965

  ABT2 Hobart
ABNT3 Launceston
abc_1965_bw tvt6_1965_bw tnt9_1960s_bw
8AM 8.55am Test Pattern, Music
9AM 9.05 For Schools: Maths One
9.25 Test Pattern, Music
9.40 For Schools: Form Two Maths
10AM 10am Test Pattern, Music
11AM 11am For Schools: Science One
11.20 Test Pattern, Music
11.30 For Schools: Science Two
11.50 Test Pattern, Music
1PM 1.15pm Matinee. Corinne Kerby
1.45 For Schools: Living Things
1.30pm Test Pattern, Music
2PM 2.05 Test Pattern, Music
2.15 For Schools: Central Australia
2.35 Test Pattern, Music
2.45 For Schools: Science and Life
2pm News Headlines
2.02 It Could Be You
2.30 Caroline Presents
3PM 3.05 Test Pattern, Music 3.15 Movie: Lost Treasure Of The Amazon [IMDB] 3pm Test Pattern, Music
3.30 It Could Be You
4PM 4.45 Playtime 4.45 Video Village 4pm The Story Of…
4.30 Test Pattern, Music
4.45 Children’s Time
5PM 5pm Storybook 5.15 The Channel Sixers
6PM 6pm Space Patrol
6.30 Bootsie And Snudge
6.55 [ABNT] Regional News
6.05 The Bugs Bunny Show
6.40 News, Weather
6pm The Living Sea
6.30 News, Weather
7PM  7pm ABC News, Newsreel and Weather
7.30 Tales Of Wells Fargo
7pm McHale’s Navy
7.30 Double Your Dollars
7pm Bewitched
7.30 Burke’s Law
8PM  8.20 This Week In Britain
8.30 Sports Cavalcade
8pm Movie: Cover Girl. 1944 [IMDB] 8.30 Project 65
9PM  9am Impact 9.25 Roadworthy. Ray Shipp
9.30 Movie: High Wall. 1948 [IMDB]
10PM  10am The Big Pull
10.30 Newsreel, Weather
10.40 Close
10pm Tonight. Graeme Smith
10.40 News Headlines
10.50 Evening Meditation
10.55 Close
11PM  11.10 Late News, Film Review, Weather
11.30 Epilogue
11.35 Close