25 August 1973: Leonard Teale (Seven Little Australians)

25 August 1979: Peter Adams, Terence Donovan, Lynda Stoner (Cop Shop)

25 August 1990: Nicolle Dickson (Home And Away)

25 August 2001: Suzie Wilks (Changing Rooms)

25 August 2007: Home And Away, Sea Patrol, McLeod’s Daughters

25 August 1970: Seven screens the short film No Roses For Michael, depicting the tragic story of a young drug addict, played by Brendon Lunney. It was a rare glimpse on television into what was becoming a significant social issue. The 30-minute film was a winner at the Sydney Film Festival, and its theme song, written and performed by Greg Anderson, went on to hit the charts.

YouTube: Douglas P (dougiejohn)

25 August 1976: Afternoons include adventure series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo and The Rovers (pictured), and evenings include Australian drama with the historical drama Tandarra and adult serials Certain Women and Number 96.

25 August 1989: Bruce McAvaney hosts the inaugural 10 TV Australia Young Achiever Awards, broadcast live from the Hilton Hotel, Melbourne.

25 August 1990: Ten screens The Wall – Berlin 1990 Concert, a two-hour music spectacular featuring some of the world’s best known rock stars performing with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra in the shadow of the infamous Berlin Wall, now fallen.

25 August 1992: Nine‘s long-running drama The Flying Doctors returns for a new series but, as a sign that perhaps its best days are past, is relegated to the later 9.30pm timeslot.


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  1. No Roses for Michael one of the best short movies I have ever seen. Please Seven could you replay it or tell me how I can watch again. After 54 years still remember the effect it had on me. With the drugs today would be great to show

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