26 August 1972: George Mallaby (Homicide)

26 August 1972: Olympic Games 

26 August 1978: John Walton and Megan Williams (The Sullivans)

26 August 1995: Melissa George and Dieter Brummer (Home And Away)

26 August 2006: Amy Mathews and Chris Hemsworth (Home And Away)

26 August 1972: ABC and Seven both broadcast the Opening Ceremony of The Games Of The XX Olympiad, live from Munich.

26 August 1990: Seven begins screening the children’s series Round The Twist (pictured), originally shown on ABC, starring Tamsin West, Sam Vanderberg, Richard Moir and Bunney Brooke.

26 August 1991: Four Corners (ABC) presents a special edition to commemorate its 30th anniversary, introduced by reporter Chris Masters.

26 August 1996: Daryl Somers hosts the special Hey Hey It’s The Comedians No.2, featuring some of the best comedians to have appeared on Hey Hey It’s Saturday over the years — including Elliot Goblet, Lucky Grills, Marty Fields, Rita Rudner, Anthony Morgan, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Lano & Woodley, Hale & Pace and the Scared Weird Little Guys.

26 August 2008: The Seven Network debuts comedy-drama series Packed To The Rafters, starring Erik Thomson, Rebecca Gibney, Hugh Sheridan, Jessica Marais, Angus McLaren and Michael Caton.

26 August 2010: Network Ten announces plans to launch a new digital channel, Eleven, presenting a youth-focused entertainment line-up, with prime-time to be headlined by Neighbours and US series The Simpsons.




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