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On This Day — 1 March

1 March 1980: Sinan Leong and Adrian Bernotti (Arcade) 1 March 1980: Graham Kennedy 1 March 1985: Rowena Wallace 1 March 1997: Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers) 1 March 2003: Delta Goodrem and Jay Bunyan (Neighbours) 1 March 2008: Callan Mulvey, Indiana Evans, Mark Furze (Home And Away) 1 March 1968: New TV Station — GTS4, …

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On This Day — 14 February

14 February 1976: Bernard King (Pot Of Gold) 14 February 1987: Alyce Platt and Tony Barber (Sale Of The Century) 14 February 1998: Belinda Emmett and Nic Testoni (Home And Away) 14 February 2004: Tammy MacIntosh and Georgie Parker (All Saints) 14 February 2009: Melanie Vallejo, Hugh Sheridan, Zoe Ventoura (Packed To The Rafters) 14 …

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On This Day — 10 February

10 February 1968: The Seekers 10 February 1973: Judy Morris (Certain Women) 10 February 1979: Ray Martin, Ian Leslie, George Negus (60 Minutes) 10 February 1979: Lorraine Bayly (The Sullivans) 10 February 1990: Jana Wendt (A Current Affair) 10 February 1996: Kristy Wright and Shane Ammann (Home And Away) 10 February 2001: Holly Valance and …

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On This Day — 25 August

25 August 1973: Leonard Teale (Seven Little Australians) 25 August 1979: Peter Adams, Terence Donovan, Lynda Stoner (Cop Shop) 25 August 1990: Nicolle Dickson (Home And Away) 25 August 2001: Suzie Wilks (Changing Rooms) 25 August 2007: Home And Away, Sea Patrol, McLeod’s Daughters 25 August 1970: Seven screens the short film No Roses For …

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On This Day — 21 July

21 July 1973: Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell (Homicide) 21 July 1973: Tanya Halesworth and Susan Peacock (No Man’s Land) 21 July 1979: Terry Norris, Louise Philip, Greg Ross (Cop Shop) 21 July 1979: Don Lane and Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show) 21 July 1984: Rowena Wallace (Sons And Daughters) 21 July 1990: Simone Buchanan (Hey Dad), …

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On This Day — 16 June

16 June 1973: Pamela Stephenson (Ryan) 16 June 1979: Eric Oldfield, Kerri Eichhorn and Judy Lynne (The Young Doctors) 16 June 1990: Josephine Mitchell and Craig McLachlan (Home And Away) 16 June 2001: Kimberley Cooper and Tammin Sursok (Home And Away) 16 June 1976: Includes Certain Women, Casino 10, The Celebrity Game, The Don Lane …

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No Man’s Land

The Seventies not only saw the increase in female representation in dramas — with ABC‘s Certain Women creating Australia’s first all-female lead cast — but it also saw female viewers better served in daytime viewing. The Mike Walsh Show, which debuted in February 1973, took the traditional tonight show format and transplanted it into a …

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On This Day — 11 June

11 June 1988: Christopher Truswell (Hey Dad!) 11 June 1994: Melissa George (Home And Away)   Monday 11 June 1973: Tanya Halesworth fronts the new daytime current affairs program No Man’s Land, from GTV9, Melbourne, targetted towards female viewers. TCN9 later launches a short-lived Sydney-based program of the same name, though the Melbourne-based original eventually …

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ABC’s Certain Women

Fifty years ago, ABC‘s Certain Women marked a shift in putting the primary focus in Australian television drama on women. Up until then, Australian television drama was largely male-dominated. Indeed, it was not until 1972 that the TV Week Logie Awards sought to add a category for Best Actress. Although serials like Motel, Bellbird and …

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Classic TV Guides: Skippy

Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, possibly Australian television’s first major television export, made its Australian debut in Sydney and Melbourne on 5 February 1968. Ninety-one episodes over three series were made between 1966 and 1969. Following the adventures of the Waratah National Park ranger’s youngest son, Sonny Hammond (Garry Pankhurst), and his ultra-intuitive marsupial companion, Skippy …

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