Classic TV Guides: Skippy

Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, possibly Australian television’s first major television export, made its Australian debut in Sydney and Melbourne on 5 February 1968.

Ninety-one episodes over three series were made between 1966 and 1969. Following the adventures of the Waratah National Park ranger’s youngest son, Sonny Hammond (Garry Pankhurst), and his ultra-intuitive marsupial companion, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo was made by Fauna Productions with some financial assistance from the Nine Network.

It was sold to 128 countries, including the United States where it was syndicated to 160 local television stations. Before it had debuted in Australia it was already showing in the United Kingdom, Finland, Netherlands, Canada (in both French and English) and Japan, and deals had been made to sell the show to Germany, France, Malta and Kenya.

The Sydney and Melbourne debuts of Skippy The Bush Kangaroo are among the latest additions to Classic TV Guides:

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  1. I am sure Skippy would not hold up well if viewing these days, but then nor would Flipper. But what fun it was to see them at the time in my very young years.

    1. I think Skippy still does the rounds on one of the secondary channels at 4am or some such hour.

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