Saturday 2 December 1972 — MELBOURNE

All four networks provide coverage of the Federal Election after polls close at 8.00pm. The election went on to see the Australian Labor Party end 23 years of conservative rule.

See also: Saturday 2 December 1972 — WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Source: TV Times, 2 December 1972

7AM 7am Playroom
7.30 Humphrey B Bear’s Curiosity Show
8AM 8.30am Cartoons
8.45 Movie: Little Tough Guys In Society. 1938 [IMDB]
8.30 Hey Hey It’s Saturday 8am The Saturday Show. Sherry Wheeler
10AM 10am Movie: You’re Not So Tough. 1940 [IMDB]
11AM 11.20 Movie: Call A Messenger. 1939 [IMDB] 11.30 The Samurai 11am Building Today. Murray Jones
12PM 12.40pm Movie: Give Us Wings. 1940 [IMDB] 12pm Wrestling 12pm Racing: Pakenham. John Russell, Keith Livingston
12.15 TV Form Guide. Clem Dimsey, Peter Lovitt
1PM 1.25pm Hit Scene. Dick Williams
1.55 Sportsview. Includes VFL Grand Final: Richmond v Carlton (Rpt)
1.50 Movie: Hit The Road. 1941 [IMDB] 1.30 Movie: Thor And The Amazon Women. 1960 [IMDB] 1pm Wide World Of Sport
3PM 3pm Movie: Tough As They Come. 1942 [IMDB] 3pm Daktari 3pm Racing (cont’d)
3.30 Wide World Of Sport
4PM 4.20 Cricket: Shieffield Shield. Victoria v South Australia. Live from Melbourne Cricket Ground 4.15 Movie: Keep ‘Em Slugging. 1943 [IMDB] 4pm Tales Of Wells Fargo
4.30 Safari To Adventure
4.30 Sports Results Roundup. Keith Livingston
5PM 5.30 Jeopardy. Graham Webb 5pm Junior Bandstand 5pm Stars Of The Future. Carolyn Noble
5.30 Junior Jury. Noel O’Connor
6PM 6pm The Magic Ball
6.15 The Wind In The Willows
6.30 Timeslip
6.55 Weather
6pm Seven National News. David Johnston
6.30 Movie: Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear. 1964 [IMDB]
6pm National Nine News
6.30 Nanny And The Professor
6pm News. Wayne Tregaskis, Peter Sharp, Clem Dimsey
6.30 Petticoat Junction
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.30 The Val Doonican Show
7pm Barefoot In The Park
7.30 All In The Family
7pm Young Talent Time
8PM  8.13 Election Report
8.15 Four Corners. Gordon Bick, Peter Reid, John Temple, John Sexton, Jim Downes, Caroline Jones, David Flatman, Peter Ross
8.45 Election 72. Robert Moore, James Dibble, Malcolm Mackerras, Dr Jim Prescott
8.15 Penthouse Club. Michael Williamson, Mary Hardy. Includes Tattslotto, and Election 72 Updates from Canberra 8pm The Odd Couple 8pm Special: The Everly Brothers
(Half-Hourly Election Updates from 8.30 to 11pm)
9PM  9pm Federal Election. Mike Willesee, John Bailey, Alan Reid, Tony Staley, Michael Schildberger, Brian Joyce, Bill Passick, Jim Waley, Ian Ross, Jim Wall 9pm Special: Sex In The Sixties
10PM  10pm Movie: We Joined The Navy. 1962 [IMDB]
11PM  11.15 News. Peter Landy
11.30 Election Results. Brian Naylor, Norm Bennell, Maximilian Walsh
11.30 Election Summary
11.45 News
11.50 Movie: Mission To Moscow. 1943 [IMDB]
12AM  12am Close 12am Playboy After Dark
1AM  1am Movie: The Mystery Of Marie Roget. 1942 [IMDB] 1am Movie: Attack Of The Normans. 1960 [IMDB]
2AM  2.05 Close 2.05am Weather; Close
4AM  4am Epilogue
4.05 Close