Saturday 20 January 1968 — ADELAIDE

See also: Saturday 20 January 1968 — VICTORIA

Source: TV Week, 20 January 1968

7AM 7am Cartoon Castle
7.30 The Today Show
8AM 8.30 Turf Guide
9AM 9am Fireball XL-5
9.30 Jet Jackson
9am The Today Show (cont’d)
10AM 10am Texas Rangers
10.30 Cartoons And Fun With Ros
10am The International Racers
11AM 11am Casper The Friendly Ghost
11.30 Here’s Humphrey. Pam Western
11am Ruff ‘N’ Reddy
11.30 Movie: Too Tough To Kill. 1935 [IMDB]
12PM 12pm Movie: Carson City. 1952 [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Devil Girl From Mars. 1954 [IMDB] 12.30pm Movie: Roaring Timber. 1937 [IMDB]
1PM 1pm Movie: The 39 Steps. 1960 [IMDB] 1.30 Movie: Goodbye My Lady. 1956 [IMDB] 1.40 Movie: Flirtation Walk. 1934 [IMDB]
2PM 2.30 Sportsview
2.35 The Thoroughbreds
2pm Marvel Superheroes
2.30 Movie: Fangs Of The Arctic. 1953 [IMDB]
3PM 3.05 Golf: CBS Golf Spectacular
3.45 Cricket: Sheffield Shield. South Australia v Queensland. Live from Adelaide Oval
3pm Movie: Captain Lightfoot. 1955 [IMDB] 3.30 The Pioneers 3.15 Movie: When G-Men Step In. 1938 [IMDB]
4PM 4.30 Abbott And Costello Theatre 4pm Movie: Kansas Pacific. 1953 [IMDB] 4.20 Movie: Too Tough To Kill [IMDB]
5PM 5.32 Cartoons 5.30 Gomer Pyle USMC 5.30 Shindig 5.25 Going Places
5.30 Crusader Rabbit
6PM 6.10 Mad Movies
6.40 Sports Review
6pm Gidget
6.30 Flipper
6pm Miss South Australian Beach Girl Quest
6.30 News
6.30 Top Cat
7PM  7pm ABC News
7.20 The Danny Kaye Show
7pm People Are Funny
7.30 Candid Camera
7pm Daniel Boone 7pm The Jack Benny Show
7.30 Rescue 8
8PM  8.10 Intertel Special: In The Foreign Office 8pm The Dick Powell Show 8pm Reg Lindsay’s Country And Western Hour 8pm Behind Closed Doors
8.30 The Story Of Peter Grey
9PM  9pm Movie: Rocket’s Galore [IMDB] 9pm The Best Of Mavis Bramston 9pm The King Family Series 9pm Movie: It’s A Great Feeling. 1949 [IMDB]
10PM  10.30 Let’s Go Surfing
10.40 An Enemy Of The State
10pm Surfside Six 10pm Movie: Terror In A Texas Town. 1958 [IMDB] 10.30 Canberra Report
10.45 Tightrope
11PM  11.05 Weather
11.07 Close
11pm World Championship Wrestling 11.15 Close
12AM  12am Five Minutes More
12.05 Close
12.05am Epilogue
12.10 Close