Friday 18 December 1992 — MELBOURNE

The final edition of Ten’s breakfast news program Good Morning Australia, ending a 12-year run. The title was then transferred to Bert Newton’s morning show from 1993, where it continued for another 13 years.

The day also marked the final episodes of Gardening Australia and World Sports for 1992.

Source: TV Week, 12 December 1992

6AM 6am Atom Ant
6.30 Agro’s Cartoon Connection
6am Living Dolls
6.30 ITN World News
6.55 Business Today
6am Ten Eyewitness News
6.30 Good Morning Australia FINAL
7AM 7am Photographic Vision
7.30 Open Learning
7am Today
8AM 8am Vicky The Viking
8.25 Sesame Street
8.30 The Morning Show. Bert Newton
9AM 9.25 Bananas In Pyjamas
9.30 Play School
9am Kids Inc
9.30 The Book Place
9am Here’s Humphrey
9.30 In Melbourne Today
10AM 10am Puddle Lane
10.15 Two By Two
10.30 Mr Squiggle And Friends
10.55 Paddington Bear
10am Child’s Play
10.30 NBC News
10.30 News 10am Mulligrubs
10.30 Aerobics Oz Style
11AM 11am You Can’t Do That On TV
11.25 Captain Pugwash
11.30 The Kids Of Degrassi Street
11.55 Henry’s Cat
11am Special: Porridge Christmas — The Desperate Hours 11am Life Goes On 11am Sally Jessy Raphael
12PM 12pm World At Noon
12.30 The Painter’s World
12pm Movie: A Family For Joe. 1990 [IMDB] 12pm Movie: Comanche Station. 1960 [IMDB] 12pm Santa Barbara
1PM 1pm Parental Guidance Recommended
1.47 Let’s Read With Basil Brush
1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1pm The Bold And The Beautiful
1.30 Donahue
2PM 2pm National Geographic 2pm The Saint 2.30 The Young And The Restless 2.30 Oprah Winfrey
3PM 3pm Tennis: Kooyong Classic 3pm The Beverly Hillbillies
3.30 Special: The Little Drummer Boy — Book Two
3.30 Katts And Dog 3.30 General Hospital
4PM 4pm Saved By The Bell
4.30 Now You See It
4pm My Two Dads
4.30 Pugwall’s Summer
4pm Zorro
4.30 Haydaze
4.30pm Novosti (Russia)
5PM 5pm Family Feud
5.30 Wheel Of Fortune
5pm The Cosby Show
5.30 Melbourne Extra
5pm Ten Eyewitness News. David Johnston, Jennifer Hansen, Eddie McGuire, Adam Digby 5pm English At Work
5.30 Den Of Wolves (Mexico)
5.50 For Your Information
6PM 6pm Vidiot
6.30 Gardening Australia. Peter Cundall
6pm Seven Nightly News. Peter Mitchell
6.30 Real Life. David White
6pm National Nine News. Peter Hitchener, Tony Jones, Rob Gell
6.30 A Current Affair – Summer Edition. Helen Dalley
6pm MASH 6pm World Sports. Les Murray
6.30 World News. Mary Kostakidis
7PM  7pm ABC News. Sue McIntosh
7.30 The 7.30 Report – Summer Edition. Geraldine Doogue
7pm Perfect Strangers
7.30 To The Manor Born
7pm Keynotes. Richard Wilkins
7.29 Keno
7.30 What’s Cooking: Christmas Special
7pm Hinch – Summer Edition. Peter Luck
7.30 Beverly Hills 90210
7pm Say Aah (Netherlands)
7.30 Delia Smith’s Christmas
8PM  8pm Mother And Son
8.28 News Update
8.30 Movie: The Benny Goodman Story. 1955 [IMDB]
8pm Open All Hours
8.30 Movie: Hans Christian Andersen. 1952 [IMDB]
8.30 Special: Skate Canada 8.30 Movie: Beverly Hills Brats. 1989 [IMDB] 8pm The Bookshow. Dinny O’Hearn, Andrea Stretton
8.30 Connections: Family Plus (France)
9PM  9.30 A Life On The Line (Italy)
10PM  10.30 ABC News Late Edition
10.40 Movie: Aria. 1988 [IMDB]
10.50 Movie: Easy Money. 1983 [IMDB] 10.30 Nightline 10.30 Ten Eyewitness News. Anne Fulwood 10.55 Movie: Kamikaze. 1986 (France) [IMDB]
11PM  11pm Wiseguy 11pm Movie: The Thing. 1982 [IMDB]
12AM  12.10am Rage
(Continues to 9am)
12.50am Today (NBC) 12am Golf: Johnnie Walker Championship 12.25am Movie: The Last Man (Greece) [IMDB]
1AM  1am Movie: Goldrunner. 1984 [IMDB]
2AM  2.50 Mini-Series: Louisiana. Part Three [IMDB] 2am Movie: Raw Silk. 1988 [IMDB] 2.45 Movie: The Challenge. 1939 (B&W) [IMDB] 2.10 Close
3AM  3.50 Movie: His Majesty O’Keefe. 1953 [IMDB]
4AM  4.40 Dirty Dancing 4am Prisoner
5AM  5.05 Tennis: ATP Tour
(Continues to 6am)
5.30 The Sullivans
(Continues to 6am)
5am Year In The Life
(Continues to 6am)