Apr 12 2017

This Day Tonight: 50 years on

This Day Tonight, 1969

Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the debut of ABC‘s first nightly current affairs program, This Day Tonight.

TDT, as it became known, was first hosted by Bill Peach, formerly host of TEN10‘s Telescope program in Sydney. Telescope was loosely based on the UK Tonight show and it was a similar model to be adopted by TDT as a nightly current affairs show that occasionally didn’t take itself too seriously.

ABC had actually launched a predecessor to This Day Tonight in Tasmania in 1966. Lineup was a three-nights-a-week local current affairs program that proved to be hit with Tasmanian viewers.  The success of Lineup inspired ABC executive Ken Watts to put together a national format and go to air five nights a week.

Watts recalled Peach as the host of Telescope and poached him from ABC’s weekly Four Corners. Allan Martin, a New Zealander who had been a director of the British crime series No Hiding Place, was hired as TDT‘s executive producer. As well as having reporters in Sydney there were similar teams established in Melbourne and Canberra.

TDT initially began with a “national” edition based in Sydney with direct links to Melbourne and Canberra. Other states began producing their own similar versions and in some cases avoided the TDT title. The Adelaide and Brisbane shows were initially known as Tonight, while Tasmania kept the Lineup name. Eventually, This Day Tonight became the title across Australia.

YouTube: ABC News (Australia)

ABC has commemorated the 50th anniversary of the debut of This Day Tonight by putting that first episode up on YouTube. At the time, reviews of the first episode were not overly flattering, with TV Times critic Frank Doherty stunned but forgiving at the show’s opening segment: “For some reason that I still find unfathomable it was decided that This Day Tonight should burst upon an audience that had been warned for days and nights beforehand of its coming with a piece of buffoonery that would have been humdrum even by News Review standards. One forgave Bill Peach’s tragic attempt at lightheartedness, putting it down to nervousness and forgave, too, the puerile three fake telegrams putting them down to a try (however unsuccessful) to get some opening laughs.”

Doherty did see, however, that despite the shaky start This Day Tonight showed great promise: “All in all, This Day Tonight can afford to look ahead with promise. Shows like this invariably get away to unimpressive starts if only because they have been ballyhooed so much and tend to be unsure of themselves.”

The TV Times critic’s optimism was well placed. This Day Tonight won a TV Week Logie Award in 1968 for Best New Show, and continued for a marathon eleven-year run. It set the tone for television current affairs to be aggressive in its questioning of political figures, but also to have a lighthearted side — as attempted in its first episode and with various satirical references that followed over the years.

TDT finally came to an end in 1978 after the national program had been converted to a state-based format.

Over the course of its eleven years, TDT featured many names that went on to very successful careers not just at ABC but in the commercial sector. Gerald Stone, Mike Willesee, Caroline Jones, Mike Carlton, Peter Luck, Paul Murphy, George Negus, Iain Finlay, Peter Couchman, Stuart Littlemore, Richard Carleton, Kerry O’Brien and Tim Bowden were among those to come through TDT.

Caroline Jones. 1970

Source: TV Times, 5 April 1967. TV Times, 26 April 1967. Aunty’s Jubilee: Celebrating 50 Years Of ABCTV, ABC Books, 2006. Wikipedia. National Archives Of Australia, National Archives Of Australia





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Apr 10 2017

Obituary: John Clarke

John Clarke, best known for his deadpan political satire, has died suddenly at the age of 68.

In a statement issued by his family, Clarke had died while bush walking in Victoria: “John died doing one of the things he loved the most in the world, taking photos of birds in beautiful bushland with his wife and friends. He is forever in our hearts.”

Born in New Zealand, Clarke first came to Australia in the 1970s after a falling out with the New Zealand national broadcaster. His introduction to Australian audiences came in the form of caricature Fred Dagg, regularly featured on ABC radio and in a successful advertising campaign for Qantas.

He worked on the ABC comedy series The Gillies Report and was a writer and co-creator of the ABC drama series The Fast Lane.

In 1989 Clarke and Bryan Dawe began their weekly political satire on A Current Affair, with Dawe playing the journalist interviewing Clarke as a political or prominent figure. The irony was that Clarke would just appear as himself, with no attempt to impersonate or resemble the figure being parodied. The segment later moved across to The 7.30 Report on ABC before becoming a stand alone program as a lead-in to the 7pm ABC News on Thursday nights.

He also co-wrote and starred in the mockumentary series The Games, a parody of the organisation of the upcoming Sydney Olympic Games.

Other TV credits have included A Matter Of Convenience, Stark, Frontline, BackBerner, Welcher & Welcher, Kath And Kim and The Ex-PM.

Clarke was also a writer for the 1985 mini-series Anzacs and wrote and appeared in a number of feature films.

In 2008, he was inducted into the TV Week Logie Awards Hall Of Fame.

Many high profile political figures and comedy stars have taken to social media to pay tribute to Clarke, and ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie issued a statement in tribute: “Australian audiences have relied on John Clarke for always getting to the heart of how many Australians felt about the politics of the day and tearing down the hypocrisy and at times absurdity of elements of our national debate. We have lost a giant presence on our screens. Our hearts go to John’s family, his wife Helen and two daughters, Lorin and Lucia.”

Source: ABC, IMDB, Wikipedia, New Zealand Herald




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Apr 09 2017

SBS Viceland switches on HD

SBS has made a quiet adjustment to its television transmissions.

On Saturday 8 April SBS launched a High Definition broadcast of its secondary channel SBS Viceland (formerly SBS2).

The new HD signal, on Channel 31, is in tandem with SBS Viceland’s standard definition broadcast currently on Channel 32.

SBS’ primary channel continues its HD broadcast on Channel 30 but that is now broadcasting in the more modern MPEG4 standard which has allowed capacity for SBS Viceland to also be in HD.

Some sets or tuners may require re-scanning to pick up the new channel configurations. Viewers without MPEG4 compatible tuners can continue to view SBS’ main channel in standard definition on Channel 3.

The changeover makes SBS the first Australian network to broadcast two High Definition channels. ABC, Seven, Nine and Ten only provide HD simulcast of their primary channels.

SBS notes that SBS Viceland HD will not be available on satellite platform VAST or via Foxtel.

The SBS television signal has also recently expanded to include a simulcast of its digital radio station Arabic24 on Channel 36.

Source: SBS



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Apr 06 2017

Obituary: Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown, the American actress and performer who made Australia her home, has died at the age of 69.

Born in Chicago, Brown rose to fame as a performer in the hit 1960s comedy series Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In.

She also featured in The Flying Nun, Love American Style, Ironside, Marcus Welby MD and The Name Of The Game.

In the mid-1970s Brown came to Australia. While working on a cabaret act she appeared in the short-lived series King’s Men and the ABC telemovie Arena.

She was a regular panellist on game shows Celebrity Squares (pictured below) and Blankety Blanks and played the part of nightclub performer Hope Jackson in Number 96.

There were plans to spin-off Brown’s character into a separate series, Hope’ll Help, but it didn’t get past the pilot stage.

She later starred as Abby Rossiter in E Street and went on to marry co-star Vic Rooney.

After Rooney’s death Brown returned to the US. She died earlier this week in Chicago.

Source: TV Tonight, The Morning Show, IMDB, Wikipedia, The Number 96 Home Page. TV Week, 24 January 1976. 



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Apr 05 2017

St Kilda Film Festival to pay tribute to Graham Kennedy

The St Kilda Film Festival in association with the National Film And Sound Archive is presenting a tribute to Graham Kennedy.

Kennedy, who hailed from nearby Balaclava, of course went on to become of Australia’s most celebrated showbusiness identities. From his early days in radio to conquering the new medium of television — eventually even winning favour with a hostile Sydney audience — and also enjoying success in a film career.

On television he went from In Melbourne Tonight to The Graham Kennedy Show (pictured below), then Blankety Blanks and later Graham Kennedy’s World Of Comedy, Eleven AM, Graham Kennedy’s News Show/Coast To Coast , 35 Years Of Television and Graham Kennedy’s Funniest Home Videos. He made a rare TV acting appearance in the ABC mini-series Power Without Glory and narrated an ABC documentary series, The Blainey View.

Graham Kennedy: The King Of TV, roughly timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the debut of In Melbourne Tonight, will feature rare clips from the National Film And Sound Archive — including a recently-restored 1956 commercial for Sennitt’s ice cream plus rarely seen clips from In Melbourne Tonight, Blankety Blanks, as well as his last hosting gig on Graham Kennedy’s Funniest Home Videos.

The two-hour session will also feature a panel of special guests, including his long time IMT scriptwriter Mike McColl-Jones, and Nine’s voice over legend Pete Smith.

Graham Kennedy: The King Of TV will be held on Sunday 21 May from 11am at the St Kilda Town Hall, corner Carlisle Street and Brighton Road, St Kilda.

Tickets $18 Full/$15 Concession.

Source: St Kilda Film Festival



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Apr 03 2017

Rage’s 30th birthday celebrations

It began as an experiment in overnight television. Now, Rage is turning 30.

ABC is planning a cross-platform celebration to take a look at the history of Rage and how it has shaped musical talent and viewers’ tastes over the decades.

Among the special programming is Rage30: The Story Of Rage, a one-hour special to be broadcast on Monday 17 April at 9.30pm.

Kate Ceberano (pictured) will present Rage30: Stories From The Red Couch (11pm, 21 April), taking a look back at the hundreds of Rage guest programmers who have graced the infamous red couch over 30 years.

There will also be a special, Rage ‘Til You Puke, via ABC podcasts The Real Thing and The J Files, plus a magazine, album, merchandise and an exhibition at ABC’s Ultimo headquarters in Sydney.



Rage30: The story of Rage (9.30pm, 17th April ABC and ABC iview)

This one hour documentary celebrates the incredible history of Rage and features a plethora of musical talent from across the decades, musicians whose work has been a mainstay of Rage but who were also viewers themselves. We go back to the beginning to find out where and how it all began and talk to many of the most successful music clip directors for whom Rage directly influenced their careers.

Normal Rage programming interrupted by the viewers!

Rage Overnight on Saturday 15th April and Saturday 22nd April (ABC and ABC iview)

Via a nationwide social media campaign Rage viewers have been invited to guest program the show. Thousands have taken up the challenge and the most creative, thoughtful and entertaining will be broadcast over these two special nights. Each viewer playlist selected will display the contributor’s name.

Rage30: Stories from the Red Couch (11.00pm, 21st April ABC and ABC iview)

Over its three decades on air Rage has hosted hundreds of guest programmers; musicians, comedians and even politicians have been invited to share their favourite music clips and explain why they mean so much to them. In the process, we gain a unique insight into them as people. This special program, hosted by the one and only Kate Ceberano, assembles the very best, from the famous, the funny to the very naughty.

On ABC Radio:

The Real Thing – Rage ‘Til You Puke

RN’s The Real Thing podcast a half-hour special featuring interviews with the musicians, personalities, producers and fans who brought the program to life. Rage ‘Til you Puke will be available from The Real Thing and Double J’s The J Files podcast feeds from Thursday April 14 and will air on both RN and Double J simultaneously on Easter Monday.

Rage 30 Magazine: Collector’s Edition (On sale April 20 from abcshop.com.au, ABC Centres and newsagents, $14.95)

Brace yourself for even more couch consumption as we say Happy 30th Birthday to our favourite music rebel with a special edition magazine. Packed with behind-the-scenes Rage guest programmer tales, including Faith No More, Hole, the Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer, we also delve deep into the music clips that have kept you up all night — dissecting the LOLs, the controversy, the culture, the hidden messages and stacks more. Penned by revered music writers including Myf Warhurst, Craig Schuftan and Lindsay McDougall — to name but a few — your eyeballs will be lured into bloodshot temptation of “just one more page”.

Rage 30 Album (CD / digital album released on April 14)

This massive compilation features standout tracks from across the three decades Rage has been on air. Songs that have resonated with fans and artists covering all genres, ages, genders and nationalities; it’s the definitive Rage collection.

Rage 30 Merchandise (T-Shirt range released April 14)

You’ll be able to wear a piece of Rage history with one of our special release Rage logo t-shirts. Various designs and sizes available.

Rage Exhibit, ABC Ultimo – Celebrating thirty years of R-R-R-R-Rage!

Come and sit on the Rage couch, snap a selfie and share.

Free at ABC Ultimo Centre – Main Foyer now until April 23.

Source: ABC




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Apr 02 2017

Cop Shop coming soon to DVD

The cast of Cop Shop celebrating 100 episodes in 1979. Source: TV Week

Cop Shop, the popular Crawfords police drama of the 1970s and early ’80s, is coming soon to DVD with a box set of the first 26 episodes.

This year marks the 40th anniversary since the show debuted on our screens. The first episode aired on the Seven Network in Sydney and Melbourne on 28 November 1977 and focused on the fictional Riverside police station.

Cop Shop represented a successful return to the police genre for Crawfords. The company had suffered the cancellation of Homicide, Division 4 and Matlock Police within months of each other in 1975, and subsequent projects Bluey and Solo One failed to pick up significant interest.

Unlike the earlier police dramas, Cop Shop also incorporated the increasingly popular soap opera element. Storylines relating to the personal lives of the police station staff were ongoing while the traditional police procedural stories changed from week to week.

Cop Shop‘s original cast were mostly familiar faces. George Mallaby had come from Homicide and The BoxTony Bonner from Skippy The Bush Kangaroo and Power Without Glory; Peter Adams, Rowena Wallace and Joanna Lockwood from Number 96; Paula Duncan was also from Number 96 as well as a more recent stint in The Young DoctorsPatrick Ward from Class Of ’75 and The Unisexers; Peter Sumner from Spyforce, and Terry Norris and Gregory Ross from the recently-axed Bellbird. Teenager Joanna Moore had previously starred in the movie The Getting Of Wisdom.

Other cast members over the show’s duration included Gil Tucker, John Orcsik, Lynda Stoner, Terence Donovan, Liz Burch, Olga Tamara, Alan Fletcher, Nicholas Eadie, Alwyn Kurts, John Lee, Christine Jeston  and John McTernan.

Paula Duncan and John Orcsik went on to become the show’s star couple both off-screen and on. The pair were never far from the front cover of TV Week. They became married in real life and their characters did the same about a year later.

Former Bellbird actress Louise Philip, in a wheelchair since a car accident as a teenager in the early ’70s, was later to join the cast, coincidentally working again with former Bellbird co-star Terry Norris. The role allowed Philip (pictured below with Norris and Gregory Ross) a profile to allow her to promote equality for people with a disability. She exited the series after four years with plans for stage work and to get into directing. She also got a job as a reporter for a Network Ten magazine program, Together Tonight.

In its fourth year Cop Shop did an unusual crossover with fellow Crawfords/Seven drama series Skyways, which was set in an airport. New Zealand actor Bill Stalker, who played airport security chief Peter Fanelli in Skyways, took the same character across to Cop Shop after Skyways was cancelled early in 1981. Stalker’s run with Cop Shop — with Fanelli making a return to the police force — was only to be around nine months, with the actor deciding to quit having played the character for three years by that stage. Fanelli’s wedding to girlfriend Yvonne Holmes (Annette Andre) was to signal his exit from the series. Stalker had ambitions of tackling a film career but tragically, just after the wedding scenes had been filmed at the end of 1981, Stalker was killed in a motorcycle accident. The wedding episode went to air in April the following year.

The series, which continued for 582 episodes through until 1984, was a ratings hit for the Seven Network, winning a string of TV Week Logies including Best New Drama (1978), and Most Popular Program In Victoria (1982, 1983). Paula Duncan won the Silver Logie for Most Popular Lead Actress (1980) and Logies for Most Popular Female Personality In Victoria for four years in a row (1981-84). Peter Adams, Terry Norris  and John McTernan also collected Logies during the show’s run.

Cop Shop is the latest of the classic Crawfords archive being released on DVD and will be available from 25 April. Other titles include Homicide, Division 4, Matlock Police, Bluey, The Box, The Sullivans, Carson’s Law, All The Rivers Run, The Flying Doctors, Acropolis Now and children’s series The Saddle Club.

Crawfords Australia is a division of WIN Corporation.

Source: Crawfords DVDAustralian Television Information Archive. Aussie Soap Archive. TV Week, 16 May 1981, 15 August 1981, 3 October 1981. TV Times,  26 November 1977, 22 April 1978. TV Scene, 10 April 1982.





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Mar 28 2017

WIN buys Ten Northern NSW

WIN Corporation has purchased Northern Rivers Television (NRN), the Northern NSW-Gold Coast affiliate of the Ten Network currently owned by Southern Cross Austereo.

The deal, worth $45 million plus another $10 million to be paid in a year, will see WIN finally get a foot into the lucrative market of an estimated 2.163 million viewers. The company was unsuccessful in its bid to purchase the region’s top-rating Nine affiliate NBN in 2007 which sold for around $250 million.

In programming terms the change of ownership will see little change — as NRN has been a Network Ten affiliate in the region since aggregation in 1991, and WIN has been aligned to Ten in its other major regional markets since last year.

What viewers in the local area might not be as thrilled about is the prospect of the large blue WIN logo that appears on screen over the top of the Ten watermark on its programming.

And it is too early to tell yet if WIN plans to expand its local news format to the NRN coverage area. WIN currently produces half-hour local news bulletins for broadcast across much of its coverage areas in regional Queensland, Southern NSW/ACT, regional Victoria and Tasmania.

Ten (NRN) currently has an overall prime time market share of 17.8%, well behind Prime7 (27.6%) and NBN (32.8%) and not far above ABC (17.0%).

Source: Mumbrella, Regional TAM.



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Mar 26 2017

TV Week Logie Awards — Nominations

TV Week has announced its nominees for the upcoming 59th annual TV Week Logie Awards.

The nominees for the awards’ highest honour — the Gold Logie — are The Project‘s Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar,  actors Jessica Marais (The Wrong Girl, Love Child), Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor and The Doctor Blake Mysteries) and Samuel Johnson (Molly), and host Grant Denyer (Family Feud, The Great Australia Spelling Bee).

Can Aly make it two in a row, or will Helliar take the Gold and make it three Gold Logies in a row for The Project?

Still to be announced is this year’s TV Week Logie Awards‘ Hall Of Fame recipient.

The 59th annual TV Week Logie Awards will be held at the Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne, on Sunday 23 April and broadcast on the Nine Network.

Public-voted Categories:

TV WEEK GOLD LOGIE – Best Personality On Australian TV
• Grant Denyer (All Star Family Feud/Family Feud/The Great Australian Spelling Bee) (Network Ten)
• Jessica Marais (Love Child/The Wrong Girl) (Nine Network/Network Ten)
• Peter Helliar (The Project) (Network Ten)
• Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor/The Doctor Blake Mysteries) (Nine Network/ABC)
• Samuel Johnson (Molly) (Channel Seven)
• Waleed Aly (The Project) (Network Ten)

(Last year’s winner: Waleed Aly)

• Craig McLachlan (Deep Water/The Doctor Blake Mysteries/The Wrong Girl) (SBS/ABC/Network Ten)
• Erik Thomson (800 Words) (Channel Seven)
• Richard Roxburgh (Rake) (ABC)
• Rodger Corser (Doctor Doctor/The Doctor Blake Mysteries) (Nine Network/ABC)
• Samuel Johnson (Molly) (Channel Seven)

(Last year’s winner: Erik Thomson)

• Asher Keddie (Offspring) (Network Ten)
• Deborah Mailman (Cleverman/Jack Irish/Offspring/Wolf Creek) (ABC/Network Ten/Stan)
• Jessica Marais (Love Child/The Wrong Girl) (Nine Network/Network Ten)
• Jessica Mauboy (The Secret Daughter) (Channel Seven)
• Marta Dusseldorp (A Place To Call Home/Jack Irish/Janet King) (Foxtel – Showcase/ABC)

(Last year’s winner: Jessica Marais)

• Amanda Keller (The Living Room) (Network Ten)
• Carrie Bickmore (The Project) (Network Ten)
• Grant Denyer (All Star Family Feud/Family Feud/The Great Australian Spelling Bee) (Network Ten)
• Sarah Harris (Shark Tank/Studio 10) (Network Ten)
• Waleed Aly (The Project) (Network Ten)

(Last year’s winner: Waleed Aly)

• Hayley Magnus (The Wrong Girl) (Network Ten)
• Penny McNamee (Home And Away) (Channel Seven)
• Rob Collins (Cleverman/The Wrong Girl) (ABC/Network Ten)
• Shalom Brune-Franklin (Doctor Doctor) (Nine Network)
• Tiarnie Coupland (Love Child) (Nine Network)

(Last year’s winner: Adam Dovile)

800 Words (Channel Seven)
Doctor Doctor (Nine Network)
Home And Away (Channel Seven)
Molly (Channel Seven)
Offspring (Network Ten)
Wentworth (Foxtel – Showcase)

(Last year’s winner: Home And Away)

Anh’s Brush With Fame (ABC)
Family Feud (Network Ten)
Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
The Voice Australia (Nine Network)
Upper Middle Bogan (ABC)

(Last year’s winner: Family Feud)

Four Corners (ABC)
Studio 10 (Network Ten)
Sunrise (Channel Seven)
The Project (Network Ten)
Today (Nine Network)

(Last year’s winner: The Project)

Australian Survivor (Network Ten)
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! (Network Ten)
MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
My Kitchen Rules (Channel Seven)
The Block (Nine Network)

(Last year’s winner: The Block)

In Rio Today (Channel Seven)
Monday Night With Matty Johns (Foxtel – FOX SPORTS)
The AFL Footy Show (Nine Network)
The NRL Footy Show (Nine Network)
Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)

(Last year’s winner: The Footy Show (NRL))

Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
Gardening Australia (ABC)
Luke Warm Sex (ABC)
Selling Houses Australia (Foxtel – LifeStyle)
The Living Room (Network Ten)

(Last year’s winner: The Living Room)

Australian Story (ABC)
Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Bondi Vet (Network Ten)
Gogglebox Australia (Foxtel – LifeStyle/Network Ten)
Todd Sampson’s Body Hack (Network Ten)

(Last year’s winner: Gogglebox Australia)

Industry-voted Categories:

A Place To Call Home (Foxtel – Showcase)
Cleverman (ABC)
Rake (ABC)
The Code (ABC)
Wentworth (Foxtel – Showcase)

(Last year’s winner: Glitch)

Barracuda (ABC)
Deep Water (SBS)
Molly (Channel Seven)
Secret City (Foxtel – Showcase)
The Kettering Incident (Foxtel – Showcase)

(Last year’s winner: The Secret River)

• Henry Nixon (Fergus McFadden, The Kettering Incident, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Noah Taylor (Nick Manning, Deep Water, SBS)
• Richard Roxburgh (Cleaver Greene, Rake, ABC)
• Rodger Corser (Hugh Knight, Doctor Doctor, Nine Network)
• Samuel Johnson (Ian “Molly” Meldrum, Molly, Channel Seven)

(Last year’s winner: Alex Dimitriades)

• Anna Torv (Harriet Dunkley, Secret City, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith, Wentworth, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Elizabeth Debicki (Anna Macy, The Kettering Incident, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Jessica Marais (Joan Millar, Love Child, Nine Network)
• Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King, Janet King, ABC)
• Yael Stone (Tori Lustigman, Deep Water, SBS)

(Last year’s winner: Deborah Mailman)

• Ben Oxenbould (Chris Toohey, Deep Water, SBS)
• Damon Herriman (Kim Gordon, Secret City, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Matt Nable (Coach Frank Torma, Barracuda, ABC)
• Rick Donald (Woody, 800 Words, Channel Seven)
• Ryan Johnson (Matt Knight, Doctor Doctor, Nine Network)

(Last year’s winner: Tim Minchin)

• Debra Lawrance (Mum, Please Like Me, ABC)
• Deborah Mailman (Bernadette, Wolf Creek, Stan)
• Jenni Baird (Regina Bligh, A Place To Call Home, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Nicole da Silva (Franky Doyle, Wentworth, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Victoria Haralabidou (Stephanie Kelly, Barracuda, ABC)

(Last year’s winner: Celia Ireland)

• Elias Anton (Danny Kelly, Barracuda, ABC)
• Geraldine Hakewill (Chelsea Babbage, Wanted, Channel Seven)
• Hunter Page-Lochard (Koen West, Cleverman, ABC)
• Rob Collins (Waruu West, Cleverman, ABC)
• Tilda Cobham-Hervey (Eliza Grayson, The Kettering Incident, Foxtel – Showcase)

(Last year’s winner: Ky Baldwin)

Anh’s Brush With Fame (ABC)
Gruen (ABC)
Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
The Voice Australia (Nine Network)
The Weekly With Charlie Pickering (ABC)

(Last year’s winner: Gruen)

Black Comedy (ABC)
Please Like Me (ABC)
Rosehaven (ABC)
Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (ABC)
Upper Middle Bogan (ABC)

(Last year’s winner: Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell)

Beat Bugs (Channel Seven)
Bottersnikes & Gumbles (Channel Seven)
Little Lunch: The Nightmare Before Graduation (ABC ME)
Nowhere Boys: Two Moons Rising (ABC ME)
Tomorrow When The War Began (ABC ME)

(Last year’s winner: Ready For This)

2016 NRL Grand Final (Wide World Of Sports, Nine Network)
2016 Supercars Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 (Network Ten)
2016 AFL Grand Final (Channel Seven)
Cricket: KFC Big Bash League (Network Ten)
Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Channel Seven)

(Last year’s winner: KFC T20 Big Bash League)

• “Bankstown Hospital” (Nine News, Nine Network)
• “Federal Election 2016” (Seven News, Channel Seven)
• “Inside Syria” (SBS World News, SBS)
• “S.A. Waste Dump” (NITV News, NITV)
• “Sky News Election Coverage 2016” (Sky News, Sky News/Foxtel)

(Last year’s winner: “Parramatta Shooting”)

• “Anita Cobby: You Thought You Knew It All…” (Seven News Investigates, Channel Seven)
• “Australia’s Shame” (Four Corners, ABC)
• “George Pell Investigation” (7.30, ABC)
• “Good Cop, Bad Cop” (60 Minutes, Nine Network)
• “Money For Nothing” (Four Corners, ABC)

(Last year’s winner: The Killing Season)

Conviction (ABC)
Deep Water: The Real Story (SBS)
Gogglebox Australia (Foxtel – LifeStyle/Network Ten)
Keeping Australia Alive (ABC)
Todd Sampson’s Body Hack (Network Ten)

(New Category)

Source: TV Week




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Mar 22 2017

Obituary: Jaye Walton

Jaye Walton, longtime host of morning television in Adelaide, has died at the age of 88.

With a background in modelling, Walton hosted Touch Of Elegance from 1968 through to 1980. The show, screened each weekday morning on SAS10, was a first for Adelaide television with its mix of fashion and lifestyle segments, interviews and advertorials. Touch Of Elegance became the go-to place for any celebrity or performer visiting Adelaide.

Although the title always alluded to something classy the premise came undone on a few occasions. The guest appearance of Barry Humphries as the gross and ill-mannered Sir Les Patterson and the impromptu sight of Dame Edna Everage falling backwards off a couch no doubt gave Adelaide’s austere housewife audience more than they bargained for.

Walton left the show in 1980 and later presented a magazine program, Thai-Oz Talk, for Thailand’s national television. The show was also relayed via the Thai Global Network and shown on Adelaide’s community TV.

She also took on a role with the Thailand tourism authority, producing promotional films which led to her making a series of documentaries with the Thai royal family.

Walton was appointed Thai honorary consul-general for South Australian and the Northern Territory, a title she kept until her death, and was awarded with a medal of the Royal White Elephant for her services to charity in Thailand.

Source: The Advertiser



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