12 April 1975: Paul Hogan and John Cornell (The Paul Hogan Show)

12 April 1980: George Negus (60 Minutes)

12 April 1980: Joanne Samuel and Bill Stalker (Skyways)

12 April 1997: Kate Atkinson and Damian Walshe-Howling (Blue Heelers)

12 April 2003: Tammin Sursok and Kip Gamblin (Home And Away)

12 April 2008: Jodi Gordon and Paul O’Brien (Home And Away)

12 April 1995: The ABC comedy special World Series Debating discusses the topic That Australia Is The Arts End Of The World, featuring Robyn Archer, Louise Adler, Jean Kittson, John Herouvim, Bob Ellis, Margaret Scott and moderated by Campbell McComas.

12 April 1996: Paul McDermott hosts the debut of ABC‘s new comedy show Good News Week with panellists Mikey Robins, Kate Fischer, James O’Loghlin, Anthony Ackroyd, Alison Whyte and Sandy Ireland.

12 April 1999: Pre-school children’s program Hi-5 makes its debut on the Nine Network. The Seven Network debuts game show All-Star Squares, hosted by Ian Rogerson.

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