20 April 1974: Christopher Pate and Jenny Lee (Certain Women)

20 April 1974: Graham Kennedy (The Graham Kennedy Show)

20 April 1991: Sharyn Hodgson and Julian McMahon (Home And Away)

20 April 1996: Melissa George (Home And Away)

20 April 2002: Tammin Sursok and Daniel Collopy (Home And Away)

20 April 1957: The Victorian Football League (VFL) is televised for the first time, with Melbourne channels ABV2, HSV7 and GTV9 permitted to broadcast live coverage of the final quarter of league matches.

20 April 1993: The Nine Network debuts drama series Law Of The Land, telling the story of a young lawyer who leaves a city practice to become a country town magistrate,. Starring David Roberts, Lisa Hensley, Debbie Byrne and Richard Moir.

20 April 1994: The Melbourne International Festival Charity Gala (Seven), hosted by Wendy Harmer, features performers including the Tokyo Shock Boys, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jimeoin, Tania Lacy and The Del Rubio Triplets.

20 April 1996: Network Ten debuts drama series Sweat, the story of students at an Australian school for the athletically gifted. Starring Martin Henderson, Heath Ledger, Inge Hornstra, Melissa Thomas, Tai Nguyen, Tahnie Merrey, Heath Bergersen, Matt Castelli, Mouche Phillips and Paul Tassone.

20 April 1998: Denise Drysdale launches her new weekday variety show, Denise, on the Seven Network.

20 April 2009: The Nine Network debuts Millionaire Hot Seat, a weeknight spin-off from the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire franchise, hosted by Eddie McGuire.

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