18 April 1981: Bert Newton (New Faces, The Don Lane Show)

18 April 1992: Nicolle Dickson (Home And Away) and James Bell

18 April 1998: Kristy Wright and Richard Grieve (Home And Away)

18 April 2009: Ella Scott Lynch and Jack Campbell (All Saints)

18 April 1955: The licences to operate Australia’s first commercial TV stations are issued to Herald and Weekly Times (Melbourne), General Television Corporation (Melbourne), Amalgamated Television Services (Sydney) and Television Corporation (Sydney).

18 April 1959: The Victorian Football League (VFL) launches its 1959 season and, as per the previous two seasons, Melbourne’s three TV channels are permitted to televise the final quarter of play of selected matches.

YouTube: IfoundthesesVHStapesburiedinmybackyard

18 April 1984: ABC debuts teen drama Six Of The Best, starring Andrew McKaige, Nick Holland and Gina Riley.

18 April 1986: Mike Willesee hosts the 28th annual TV Week Logie Awards from the State Theatre, Sydney.

18 April 1990: The Seven Network debuts police drama, Skirts, starring Tracy Mann, Nicholas Bell, Mary Coustas, Kate Gillick, Antoinette Byron, Karen Davitt and Gary Sweet.

18 April 1999: The Nine Network debuts Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, hosted by Eddie McGuire. The first series had a limited run of eleven episodes.

18 April 2004: Eddie McGuire hosts the 46th annual TV Week Logie Awards from the Crown Palladium, Melbourne.

18 April 2007: The Seven Network debuts Last Chance Learners, hosted by Mike Whitney.

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