26 April 1962: Ted Hamilton (Revue 62)

26 April 1967: Judy Jacques and Idris Jones (Start Living)

26 April 1975: Bunney Brooke (Number 96)

26 April 1975: Johnny Lockwood and Philippa Baker (Number 96)

26 April 1980: Jon English and Christie Allen (TV Week Rock Music Awards)

26 April 1986: Daryl Somers (Hey Hey It’s Saturday)

26 April 1986: Tony Barber (Sale Of The Century)

26 April 1997: Lisa McCune and Martin Sacks (Blue Heelers)

26 April 2003: Bridie Carter and Brett Tucker (McLeod’s Daughters)

26 April 2008: Dean Geyer, Kym Valentine, Brett Tucker (Neighbours)

26 April 1970: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II‘s Royal Tour message to Australians, recorded in Canberra two days earlier, is broadcast nationally across all networks.

26 April 1985: Greg Evans hosts the 27th annual TV Week Logie Awards from the World Trade Centre, Melbourne.

26 April 1986: The Nine Network screens Dire Straits: The Final Concert, live from the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

26 April 1988: ABC debuts eight-part drama series Stringer, starring Joy Smithers, Lynette Curran, Susan Lyons, Nicholas Papademetriou and Irish actor Derrick O’Connor.

26 April 1995: Ben Mendelsohn, Radha Mitchell, Amanda Douge, Livinia Nixon and Mark Hennessy join Rebecca Gibney in the latest Halifax fp telemovie, My Lovely Girl.

Penelope K, By The Way

26 April 2010: CBeebies Australia debuts its first Australian commissioned series, Penelope K, By The Way, featuring Amanda Bishop.

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