24 April 1976: Don Lane (The Don Lane Show)

24 April 1982: Paula Duncan and John Orcsik (Cop Shop)

24 April 1988: Josephine Mitchell (A Country Practice)

24 April 1993: Simon Denny and Kym Wilson (A Country Practice)

24 April 2004: Delta Goodrem (Neighbours)

24 April 2010: Bernard Curry and Jodi Gordon (Home And Away)


24 April 1971: Young Talent Time, featuring Johnny Young and the Young Talent Team — Jane Scali, Debbie Byrne, Vicki Broughton, Philip Gould, Rod Kirkham and Jamie Redfern— makes its debut — Young Talent Time at 50 [2021]

24 April 1979: ABC debuts drama series Twenty Good Years, starring Harold Hopkins, Anne Pendlebury, Leila Hayes, John Murphy, Jonathan Hardy, Anne Charleston, Julia Blake and Michael Carman.

24 April 1983: The Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast in Australia for the first time, with a delayed telecast of the 1983 contest from Germany on Channel 0/28.

24 April 1988: QSTV, the satellite off-shoot of Telecasters North Queensland’s NQTV, begins operation as Queensland’s remote commercial television service (RCTS) through AUSSAT — Taking commercial TV out back [2018]

Funky Squad

24 April 1995: Funky Squad, the parody of 1970s cop shows, debuts on ABC. Starring Tim Ferguson, Jane Kennedy, Santa Cilauro and Tom Gleisner — Flashback to Funky Squad [2015]

24 April 2000: SBS debuts nine-part comedy series Pizza, created by Paul Fenech.

24 April 2001: Big Brother makes its Australian debut. Host Gretel Killeen (pictured) welcomes twelve contestants into the Big Brother house, situated at the Dreamworld theme park, where they will be constantly monitored with no access to the outside world — Big Brother at 20 [2021]

24 April 2005: Ten debuts its new Sunday afternoon travel series, Discover Down Under, featuring actor Paul Cronin.

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