16 April 1959: Ken Turner, Thorold Merrett, Frank Tuck (Collingwood Football Club)

16 April 1977: Don Lane (The Don Lane Show) and Carmen van Hoorn

16 April 1983: Ally Fowler and Noel Hodda (Sons And Daughters)

16 April 1994: Ray Martin (A Current Affair, TV Week Logie Awards)

16 April 2005: Bridie Carter and Myles Pollard (McLeod’s Daughters)

Eleven AM: Ross Symonds and Graham Kennedy

16 April 1984: Graham Kennedy returns to television as host of Seven‘s morning news program Eleven AM. Network 0-28 debuts weekly discussion program Issues ’84, hosted by Margaret Throsby.

16 April 1987: Richard Wilkins and Joy Smithers host the debut of Nine‘s late-night music video show, MTV: Music Television, a local franchise of the US cable network of the same name.

YouTube: Jason Costa

16 April 2006: Network Ten screens The Reunion, the third in the series of Small Claims telemovies, starring Rebecca Gibney, Claudia Karvan and Lisa Chappell.


Canal Road

16 April 2008: The Nine Network debuts drama series Canal Road, starring Diana Glenn, Patrick Brammal, Brooke Satchwell, Charlie Clausen, Peta Sergeant, Sibylla Budd and Grant Bowler.

16 April 2013: Shutdown of analogue television services — Perth — Perth says farewell to analogue [2013]

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