johnnylockwoodJohnny Lockwood, the actor best known for his role of Hungarian shop owner Aldo Godolfus in ’70s soap opera Number 96, has died peacefully at the age of 92.

Growing up in London, and orphaned at the age of 11, he was a child performer, joining the dancing troupe Twelve Dancing Kiddies at age 14.

An established actor and performer by the late 1950s, he came to Australia for the stage production Tonight At Eight — and Australia soon became his home.

number96_1973He starred in the ground-breaking sketch comedy show The Mavis Bramston Show in the 1960s. But it was his portrayal of a Jewish shopkeeper in the espionage drama Spyforce that caught the attention of the producers of Number 96, who ultimately cast him as delicatessen owner Aldo Godolfus when the series debuted in 1972.

Initially contracted for thirteen weeks, the character of Aldo Godolfus ran for over three years — until the producers chose to wipe four characters in the show’s infamous bomb-blast episode as a means to revive the show from ailing ratings.

Later TV appearances included The Saturday Show, The Norman Gunston Show, Tickled Pink, Bellamy, Neighbours, A Country Practice, Sale Of The Century, The Potato Factory and E Street.

Film roles included All At Sea, Norman Loves Rose and Moulin Rouge.

His last acting role was in the stage production of Oedipus in 2000.

His daughter, actress Joanna Lockwood, said that while he is best known for Number 96 he will also be remembered for his generosity:

“His career and gifts spread way beyond one show.  Dad was hard on the inside and gooey on the inside. Anybody in the business he came across, he helped them out without them knowing. He was very helpful to people who came across bad times through illness or just tough times.”

In 2010, he was reunited with various cast members of Number 96 who gathered at the original apartment building to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Johnny Lockwood is survived by daughter Joanna, granddaughter Hayley Hill and great-grandchildren Addison and Archie.

Source: News Limited


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