5 July 1967: Tommy Hanlon Jnr (The Tommy Hanlon Show)

5 July 1975: Skyhooks

5 July 2003: Sibylla Budd and Dan Spielman (The Secret Life Of Us)

5 July 1964: The 1957 film Heaven Knows Mr Allison is broadcast on GTV9, Melbourne. Starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum, the film went on to become the decade’s highest rating movie screening — attracting a rating of 59 (per cent of households) across Melbourne and Sydney.

5 July 1971: Following the final of Pick-A-Box the previous week, the Seven Network launches Great Temptation, a prime-time spin-off of the daytime quiz show Temptation — The Temptation that led to a Sale [2020]

5 July 1972: The Melbourne debut of the ABC drama series Over There — a week after its debut in the same timeslot in Sydney. The 13-part series, set during World War II, told the story of Cyril Kirby (John Meillon), his brother Robert (John Hargreaves) and sister Elizabeth (Judy Morris) — with each episode focusing on a particular sibling.

5 July 1975: Brisbane TVQ0’s tenth birthday celebration featured a telethon for the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Sports Welfare Associations with guest appearances by personalities from the 0-10 Network, including stars of Number 96, The Box, Matlock Police and The Mike Walsh Show. Guests arrived via train from Sydney — emulating a similar venture from Sydney to Melbourne for the occasion of the TV Week Logie Awards.

5 July 1978: The Nine Network begins live via satellite coverage of the finals at Wimbledon.

5 July 1982: Mini-series Women Of The Sun, the first drama series to come from Channel 0/28 (SBS), makes its debut.

5 July 1992: Ten in Melbourne presents its annual Deafness Appealathon, starting at midday with Bert Newton and continuing during program breaks throughout the afternoon. The appeal continues a tradition of telethons for Victoria’s Deafness Foundation hosted by the channel, dating back to 1974.

5 July 1995: The ABC documentary Peter Allen — The Boy From Oz traces the career of the late Peter Allen, from his beginnings at a bush pub at age 11.

5 July 1999: The Nine Network premieres children’s science fiction series Pig’s Breakfast.

5 July 2002: The Nine Network premieres children’s cartoon series Kangaroo Creek Gang.

5 July 2006: The Nine Network presents coverage of Game Three of the Rugby League State Of Origin — NSW versus Queensland — from Telstra Dome, Melbourne.

5 July 2007: The Nine Network premieres drama series Sea Patrol.

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