3 July 1971: Dolly and Bob Dyer (BP Pick-A-Box)

3 July 1976: Paul Hogan (The Paul Hogan Show)

3 July 1993: Melissa George and Dieter Brummer (Home And Away)

3 July 1999: Lisa McCune and Paul Bishop (Blue Heelers)

3 July 2004: Jane Allsop (Blue Heelers)

3 July 2010: Claire Winton Burn, Matt Preston, Jonathan Daddia (MasterChef Australia)

3 July 1970: ABC begins live satellite coverage of Wimbledon, with the Women’s Singles Final, followed the next night by the Men’s Singles Final.

3 July 1971: ABC presents live via satellite coverage of the Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon, with Australian John Newcombe winning the title against American Stan Smith.

3 July 1978: ABC premieres children’s sketch comedy series Wayzgoose, starring Michael Caulfield, Deborah Kennedy, Michael Salmon, Jon Stephens and John Summers.

3 July 1989: ABC launches Countdown Revolution, a weeknight revival of the legendary music show Countdown. Initially hosted by Andy McLean, Lisa Collins and Dan Woods (pictured) and taped at Melbourne’s Metro nightclub, the series rated poorly. Replacing the hosts with actor Mark Little and comedian Tania Lacy did little to help its fortunes and it quietly wound up late in 1990.

3 July 1994: SBS begins nightly half-hour coverage of the Tour de France

3 July 2005: The Nine Network premieres celebrity reality show Skating On Thin Ice.

3 July 2010: SBS begins its coverage of the Tour de France, with 2-3 hours of live coverage each late night and a half-hour highlights package the following evening.


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