7 May 1969: George Mallaby (Homicide)

7 May 1983: Daryl Somers (Family Feud, Hey Hey It’s Saturday) and TV Week Logie Awards guest Priscilla Presley

7 May 1989: Greg Pearce (Ten News, Perth)

7 May 1989: Julie MacGregor (Hey Dad)

7 May 1994: Melissa George and Dieter Brummer (Home And Away)

7 May 2005: Bec Cartwright (Home And Away)

7 May 1960: New TV Station — ABW2, Perth — TV At 60: TV comes to Perth [2019]

YouTube: BB AU

7 May 1981: Melbourne’s ATV10 screens Prisoner In Concert, a variety special featuring the cast of Prisoner and staged at Pentridge Prison.

7 May 1983: Following the first round of programs aired in February 1982, SBS begins a second round of test transmissions of public access television from Open Channel. The Melbourne-based group was granted airtime on 7, 8 and 14 May 1983. Open Channel’s test transmissions became a predecessor to community TV channels being formed and licenced in later years.

7 May 1989: The 34th annual Eurovision Song Contest has a delayed telecast on SBS from Lausanne, Switzerland.

7 May 1992: Seven presents coverage of the AFL Centenary Match between Collingwood and Carlton on the 100th anniversary of the traditional rivals’ first match, from the MCG.

7 May 1995: Ray Martin hosts the two-hour special 50 Fantastic Years, highlighting how Australia has changed since the end of World War II — featuring segments presented by Daryl Somers, Reg Livermore, Deborah Hutton, Liz Hayes, Ken Sutcliffe, Mike Munro, Charles Wooley, Tracy Grimshaw and Richard Carleton.

7 May 2006: Bert Newton, Ray Martin, Daryl Somers, Lisa McCune and Georgie Parker co-host the 48th annual TV Week Logie Awards from the Crown Palladium, Melbourne — TV Week Logie Awards: 10 years ago [2016]

7 May 2008: SBS premieres Salam Cafe, a Muslim-based chat and comedy show with host Ahmed Imam and featuring Waleed Aly, Susan Carland, Nazeem Hussain, Ahmed Hassan and Aamer Rahman. The show is a revamp of a former community TV program, Ramadan TV.

7 May 2009: ABC celebrates 20 years of Media Watch with the special Media Watch 20 Years: Stuff Ups, Beat Ups And Barneys.

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