18 May 1974: Mike Willesee (The Willesee Show)

18 May 1991: Craig McLachlan (Heroes II: The Return)

18 May 2002: Georgie Parker and Erik Thomson (All Saints)

18 May 1982: HSV7, Melbourne, screens the telemovie Homicide Squad, originally intended as a pilot for a new series — Classic TV Guides: Homicide Squad [2021]

18 May 1991: The FA Cup Final — Nottingham Forest versus Tottenham Hotspur — is live on ABC from Wembley Stadium, London

18 May 1997: Daryl Somers hosts the 39th annual TV Week Logie Awards, making its debut from the Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne — TV Week Logie Awards: 25 years ago [2022]

18 May 2002: The Nine Network debuts Saturday morning magazine show Fishing Wild Australia, with presenters Ian Marshall, Jeni Lerch and Steve Correia.

18 May 2004: ABC debuts documentary series Moulin Rouge Girls, following six Australian females aged 17 to 24 on a year-long trip to Paris to join the famous Moulin Rouge.

18 May 2008: The Nine Network debuts lifestyle series Domestic Blitz, with Scott Cam and Shelley Craft, presenting an extension on the Backyard Blitz format by incorporating home renovations and makeovers.

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