19 May 1971: Stuart Wagstaff

19 May 1973: Graham Kennedy (The Graham Kennedy Show)

19 May 1979: Peta Toppano and Barry Quin (Prisoner)

19 May 1990: Gayle and Gillian Blakeney (Neighbours)

19 May 2001: Dr Katrina Warren and Dr Harry Cooper (Harry’s Practice)

19 May 2007: Kate Ritchie (Home And Away)

19 May 1993: The ABC special World Series Debating: That Australia Needs The Royal Family features Andrew Denton, Paul Lyneham, Senator Bronwyn Bishop, Wendy Harmer, Graham Richardson and Malcolm Turnbull.

YouTube: Eurovision Song Contest

19 May 1996: Australian-born pop star Gina G is representing the United Kingdom in the delayed telecast of the 41st annual Eurovision Song Contest on SBS, taking place in Oslo, Norway.

19 May 2007: The FA Cup Final — Chelsea versus Manchester United — is live on SBS from Wembley Stadium, London.

19 May 2008: Corinne Grant moderates The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Great Debate (Ten). Debating the topic ‘Is Reality Better On TV’ are Paul McDermott, Cal Wilson, Stephen K Amos, Julia Morris and Hamish Blake.

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