15 May 1963: Panda Lisner (The Happy Show)

15 May 1976: Barrie Barkla and Arna-Maria Winchester (The Box)

15 May 1982: Lorrae Desmond and Brian Wenzel (A Country Practice)

15 May 1993: Natalie Imbruglia and Scott Michaelson (Neighbours)

15 May 1999: Dan Paris and Kym Valentine (Neighbours)

15 May 2004: Christie Hayes and Sam Atwell (Home And Away)

15 May 2010: Ray Meagher (Home And Away) and Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters)

15 May 1976: Melbourne ATV0‘s annual Nerve Deafness Telethon raises funds for The University of Melbourne’s research into nerve deafness. The telethon commenced the previous night with a televised concert from Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne, followed by three hours of telethon through to 1am, before resuming this morning at 8am. The telethon continues through to  midnight. The variety show Penthouse Club on rival station HSV7 also includes a live cross to ATV0’s telethon in the evening.

15 May 1990: SBS presents a new program, Common Cents, aiming to provide financial advice in lay terms for the average Australian.

15 May 1991: ABC presents Spinning Out, Anne Deveson’s documentary which gives new understanding of the most misunderstood of all mental disorders – schizophrenia.

15 May 1993: The FA Cup Final — Arsenal versus Sheffield Wednesday — is live on SBS from Wembley Stadium, London

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