16 May 1981: Paula Duncan and John Orcsik (Cop Shop)

16 May 1992: Gavin Harrison and Kym Wilson (A Country Practice)

16 May 1998: Richard Grieve (Home And Away)

16 May 2009: Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters)

16 May 1993: The 38th annual Eurovision Song Contest, from County Cork, Ireland, is on delayed telecast on SBS.

16 May 1994: The Seven Network debuts children’s game show A*Mazing with James Sherry.

16 May 1995: Derryn Hinch‘s forum special The Body Beautiful (Nine) explores the world of cosmetic surgery and procedures; and Hinch gives a first-hand account of the operation he underwent in the lead-up to the program.

16 May 2002: Kath And Kim, the sitcom based on characters featured in sketch comedy shows Big Girls’ Blouse and Something Stupid, makes its debut on ABC — Kath And Kim turns 20 [2022]

16 May 2004: SBS movie host Des Mangan commentates the Grand Final of the 49th annual Eurovision Song Contest on delayed telecast from Istanbul, Turkey.

16 May 2006: Clive Robertson returns to television with a new series, Agony Aunts on ABC. Each week Robertson and his team of experts work to “make over” or remedy troubled couples.

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