15 February 1962: Bill Collins (Sunnyside Up)

15 February 1964: Ken Delo (The Delo And Daly Show)

15 February 1975: Abigail (Class Of ’75)

15 February 1975: Gary Day (Homicide)

15 February 1992: Kym Wilson (A Country Practice, Video Smash Hits)

15 February 2003: Vince Colosimo and Claudia Karvan (The Secret Life Of Us)

15 February 1972: The Federal Government announces that all Australian TV stations are to convert to colour transmission on 1 March 1975. The transition is expected to cost the ABC around $46 million and the commercial sector $70 million — although some stations had already installed colour-compatible equipment — 40 years of colour TV [2014]

15 February 1981: Bert Newton hosts Channel Nine Celebrates 25 Years Of Television, with guests including Graham Kennedy, Don Lane, Mike Walsh, Tommy Hanlon Jnr, Paul Hogan, Brian Henderson and Brian Naylor. The program includes rare footage from the early days of Australian television.

15 February 1982: Network Ten launches two daytime game shows. $100,000 Moneymakers with Jimmy Hannan, and It Could Be You with Barry Crocker. The latter is a remake of the 1960s program of the same name.

15 February 2000: Gabrielle Richens hosts Ten‘s new dating show, the weekly series Love Rules.

15 February 2004: 60 Minutes presents a special episode to commemorate its 25th anniversary — 60 Minutes turns 40 [2018]

15 February 2007: Kim Watkins hosts Ten‘s new factual series Saving Babies.

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