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On This Day — 29 February

29 February 1992: Bruce Samazan (E Street) 29 February 1976: The second series of 1850s drama Rush, and the first to be produced in colour, debuts on ABC in Queensland, with other states following on 1 March. 29 February 1980: Network Ten puts the axe to its big-budget series Arcade, after only six weeks on-air. …

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On This Day — 28 February

28 February 1976: John Waters (Rush) 28 February 1981: John Waters 28 February 1998: Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher, Nicola Charles (Neighbours) 28 February 2004: Jason Smith, Isabel Lucas, Chris Hemsworth (Home And Away) 28 February 2009: Brett Tucker and Kym Valentine (Neighbours) 28 February 1959: ABC debuts music show Six O’Clock Rock, hosted by Ricki …

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On This Day — 27 February

27 February 1963: Johnny O’Keefe (Sing, Sing, Sing) 27 February 2010: Jodi Gordon (Home And Away) 27 February 1975: ABC screens the movie Who Killed Jenny Langby?, a documentary and dramatised account of the pressures and breakdown of a working class family and the death of wife and mother Jenny Langsby (Julie Dawson, pictured). The …

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On This Day — 26 February

26 February 1972: Gerard Kennedy (Division 4) 26 February 1977: Norman Yemm (The Sullivans) 26 February 1977: John Cornell and Paul Hogan (The Paul Hogan Show) 26 February 1966: New TV station — SDQ4, Southern Downs, Queensland. 26 February 1975: The ABC sketch comedy special Basically Black features members of the National Black Theatre: Bindi …

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On This Day — 25 February

25 February 1970: John Laws (Beauty And The Beast) 25 February 1981: Rosemary Paul (The Restless Years) 25 February 2006: Ada Nicodemou (Home And Away) 25 February 1971: The first episode of the 0-10 Network police drama Matlock Police, based around a fictional town in country Victoria. The series starred Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon, Grigor …

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On This Day — 24 February

24 February 1971: Elspeth Ballantyne and Dennis Miller (Bellbird) 24 February 1973: Tony Barber (Temptation / The Great Temptation) 24 February 1979: John Orcsik and Paula Duncan (Cop Shop) 24 February 1979: Peter Lochran, Chris Orchard, Diana McLean (The Young Doctors) 24 February 1990: Simone Buchanan (Hey Dad!) 24 February 1996: Kimberley Davies (Neighbours) 24 …

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On This Day — 23 February

23 February 1966: Graham Kennedy (In Melbourne Tonight) 23 February 1974: Carl Bleazby and Dorothy Bradley (Bellbird) 23 February 1980: Anne Semler and Syd Heylen (Arcade) 23 February 1980: George Negus, Ray Martin, Gerald Stone, Ian Leslie (60 Minutes) 23 February 1991: Tammy MacIntosh (Chances) 23 February 2002: Ada Nicodemou and Max Theoharis (Home And …

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On This Day — 22 February

22 February 1962: Bert Newton (The Channel Nine Show) and Graham Kennedy (In Melbourne Tonight) 22 February 1967: Bobby Limb (Sound Of Music) 22 February 1975: Mike Preston (Bellbird) 22 February 1975: Denise Drysdale (The Ernie Sigley Show) 22 February 1992: Sophie Lee 22 February 1997: Colin Friels and Catherine McClements (Water Rats) 22 February …

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Obituary: John Barton

John Barton, former journalist and TV presenter, has died peacefully at age 73. He started as a cadet reporter at The Brisbane Telegraph in the late 1960s. In the 1970s he moved to television, to ABC‘s This Day Tonight, working in Perth and then back in Brisbane. When TDT was axed in 1978, Barton and a …

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On This Day — 21 February

21 February 1976: Gerard Kennedy (Tandarra) 21 February 1998: Tasma Walton with Lilikoi Olsen, Jared Daperis, Thomas Blackburn (Blue Heelers) 21 February 2004: Rebecca Cartwright and Beau Brady (Home And Away) 21 February 2009: Christie Hayes and Jessica Tovey (Home And Away) 21 February 1974: The first episode of police drama Silent Number airs on …

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