27 May 1972: Abigail (Number 96)

27 May 1972: Ken James (Switched On Set)

27 May 1978: Bert Newton (New Faces, The Don Lane Show) and Patti Newton

27 May 2000: Belinda Chapple, Katie Underwood, Sophie Monk, Tiffany Wood, Sally Polihronas (Popstars)

27 May 2006: Kate Ritchie (Home And Away, It Takes Two)

27 May 1966: New TV Station — ECN8, Taree, New South Wales.

27 May 1967: The 1967 Federal Referendum which granted, citizenship rights to Australia’s indigenous population, features on ABC with updates during the evening.

27 May 1972: Updates from the Queensland State Election appear during the evening on Brisbane’s four channels.

Ryan: Pamela Stephenson, Rod Mullinar, Luigi Villani

27 May 1973: The Melbourne debut of detective series Ryan, starring Rod Mullinar and Pamela Stephenson — Classic TV Guides: Ryan [2023]

27 May 1973: The Sydney debut of the ABC series A Taste For Blue Ribbons, based on the book by Eugene Lumbers, starring Ron Graham, Sheila Bradley, Sally Conabere and her father Syd Conabere. The series first debuted in Victoria a week earlier and other states during June. In 1975 it was followed up by a sequel, Lucky Colour Blue.

27 May 1992: ABC presents the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Debate: Is Laughter Better Than Sex? – featuring Michael Corton, Brett Jones, Steve Crabb, Jane Clifton, Andrew Denton and H G Nelson (Greig Pickhaver) and chaired by Campbell McComas. The first of three one-hour specials of The Best (And Worst) Of Red Faces appears on Nine.

27 May 2000: SBS begins two days of coverage from Corroboree 2000, the National Declaration of Reconciliation Conference.

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