7 April 1973: Jacki Weaver (Would You Believe?)

7 April 1979: Peta Toppano, Kerry Armstrong, Barry Quin (Prisoner)

7 April 1984: Ian Rawlings and Alyce Platt (Sons And Daughters)

7 April 1990: Georgie Parker and John Tarrant (A Country Practice)

7 April 2001: Brian Vriends and Libby Tanner (All Saints)

7 April 2007: Simmone Jade Mackinnon and Aaron Jeffery (McLeod’s Daughters)

7 April 1976: The Nine Network debuts the 13-episode Luke’s Kingdom, one of the first major mini-series productions in Australia. A co-production with Trident Television in the United Kingdom, Luke’s Kingdom starred Oliver Tobias, James Condon, Gerard Maguire, Elizabeth Crosby, John Meillon, Gerry Duggan, Helen Morse, Joseph Fürst, Shirley Cameron and John Clayton.

7 April 1986: The Melbourne debut of mini-series Shout! The Story Of Johnny O’Keefe, the story of Australia’s first rock star, starring Terry Serio as O’Keefe, with Melissa Jaffer, Russell Newman, Roger Ward, Tony Barry, John McTernan, Marcelle Schmitz, Candy Raymond and John Paramor. The mini-series debuted in Sydney the following night.

7 April 1991: Seven launches its new celebrity game show The Main Event, hosted by Larry Emdur.

7 April 2007: Richard Wilkins hosts Tropfest 2007 (Nine), showcasing the finalists from the prestigious Australian short film festival.

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