8 April 1970: Hazel Phillips (Strictly For The Birds)

8 April 1972: George Mallaby (Homicide)

8 April 1978: Don Lane (The Don Lane Show)

8 April 1981: Kim Lewis and Jamie Gleeson (The Restless Years)

8 April 1995: Damian Walshe-Howling, Martin Sacks, William McInnes, Grant Bowler (Blue Heelers)

8 April 2000: Elle Macpherson

8 April 2006: Dancing With The Stars

8 April 1977: Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal dominates the day on HSV7.

8 April 1992: Shane Bourne hosts the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Charity Gala (Seven), held at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre, featuring performances by The Golden GirlsBea Arthur and local comedians Rachel Berger, Mark Little, Mary Coustas, Bob Downe (Mark Trevorrow), Mark Mitchell, Nick Giannopoulos, Gina Riley and Michael Veitch.

8 April 2005: Scott Cam and Cherie Hausler host Nine‘s new lifestyle show Our Place.

8 April 2008: ABC1‘s new documentary series Stress Buster, presented by Dr Niki Ellis, takes a look at workplace stress and what effect it has on individuals and organisations.

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