17 August 1974: Brendon Lunney (Rush)

17 August 1985: Shane Withington and Anne Tenney (A Country Practice)

17 August 1991: Matthew Krok and Rachael Beck (Hey Dad)

17 August 2002: Bec Cartwright and Ben Unwin (Home And Away)

17 August 2002: Holly Valance and Blair McDonough (Neighbours)

17 August 1959: All three Sydney channels present coverage of Princess Alexandra’s visit to Canberra in what is still considered to be a rare technical feat, requiring weeks of planning by technical staff, particularly as there was at the time no TV services operating in Canberra itself.

17 August 1981: Includes ABC’s live coverage of the Fifth Test, England v Australia, from Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester, England

17 August 1988: Includes the 1988 Bicentennial Australian Fashion Awards.

17 August 1992: Networks commemorate the 15th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley with movies Elvis That’s The Way It Is (Seven), Tickle Me (Nine) and the mini-series Elvis And Me (Ten).

17 August 1994: The final ever episode of Hey Dad! sees a bank robber (played by Bill Conn) on the run taking the household hostage.

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