Wednesday 17 August 1988 — MELBOURNE

Source: The Age Green Guide, 11 August 1988

abc_1975_bw 7logo_1980s_bw 9logo_1980s_bw ten_1988_bw sbs_85_bw
6AM 6am Learning Network 6am TVAM. John Barton, Kay McGrath 6am National Nine Early News
6.30 Business Today
6am The Real Ghostbusters
6.30 Eyewitness News
7AM 7am Voltron Defender Of The Universe
7.30 The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
7.56 Worzel Gummidge
7.30 Cartoon Connection 7am Today. George Negus, Elizabeth Hayes 7am Good Morning Australia. Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Mike Gibson
8AM 8.20 Sesame Street
9AM 9.20 Parental Guidance Recommended
9.30 Play School
9.20 Community Service
9.30 Fat Cat And Friends
9am Here’s Humphrey 9am Good Morning Melbourne. Roy Hampson, Annette Allison
10AM 10am For Schools: For The Juniors, Happy Birthday Moon, Science Topics, Geography Today, Infinity Ltd, Dreamtime, Behind The News 10am The First Churchills 10am Diff’rent Strokes
10.30 General Hospital
10am Mulligrubs
10.30 Eyewitness News
11AM 11am Eleven AM 11.30 National Nine News. George Donikian 11am Another World
12PM 12pm EastEnders 12pm Movie: The Bitch. 1979 [IMDB] 12pm Midday With Ray Martin 12pm Santa Barbara
1PM 1pm Parental Guidance Recommended
1.10 Countrywide
1.40 For Schools: Trapp Winkle And Box, Bongiorno Italia, Power House
1.30 Days Of Our Lives 1pm The Bold And The Beautiful
1.30 Too Close For Comfort
2PM 2.55 The Croc-Note Show 2pm Quincy ME 2.30 The Young And The Restless 2pm Emergency 2.25pm Bicentennial Diary
2.30 Telecom Report
3PM 3pm Sesame Street
3.55 Jimbo And The Jetset
3pm Bewitched
3.30 The Partridge Family
3.30 Maude 3pm The Six Million Dollar Man 3pm TV Ed
4PM 4pm Play School
4.30 The Berenstain Bears
4.55 Telebugs
4pm Wombat
4.30 Lassie
4pm C’mon Kids 4pm Ridgey Didge
4.30 Flipper
4pm Zoom The White Dolphin
4.30 Kaleidoscope
5PM 5pm The New Adventures Of Beans Baxter
5.25 Super Ted
5.30 You Can’t Do That On Television
5pm Wheel Of Fortune
5.30 Press Your Luck
5pm Live At Five
5.58 Keno
5pm The Munsters (B&W)
5.30 Perfect Match
5pm Oshin (Japan)
5.30 Tutankhamun’s Egypt (UK)
6PM 6pm Inspector Gadget
6.30 The Oz Game
6pm Home And Away
6.30 Seven Nightly News. Glenn Taylor, Jennifer Keyte
6pm National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
6pm Eyewitness News. David Johnston, Mal Walden, Tracey Curro 6pm The Noise
6.30 World News
7PM  7pm ABC News. Mary Delahunty
7.30 The 7.30 Report. John Jost
7pm Hinch At Seven. Derryn Hinch
7.30 Family Ties
7pm Sale Of The Century
7.30 Dynasty
7pm Neighbours
7.30 Richmond Hill
7pm Sport Report
7.30 Australian Mosaic
8PM  8pm Quantum
8.28 ABC News
8.30 Federal Referendum 1988: No Case
8.35 The Last Resort
8pm Hey Dad!
8.28 Tattslotto
8.30 Movie: Danger Down Under. 1987 [IMDB]
8.30 Mini-Series: Fresno. Part III [IMDB] 8.30 Special: 1988 Bicentennial Fashion Awards 8pm Malgudi Days (India)
8.30 The Disappearance Of John Avlakiotis (Greece)
9PM  9.30 Blah Blah Blah. Andrew Denton 9.30 Sixteen Days Of Glory 9.15 Sneak Preview
9.30 Tonight With Paul Murphy
10PM  10.30 The World Tonight 10.30 Newsworld. Susie Elelman 10.30 Graham Kennedy’s News Show. Graham Kennedy, Ken Sutcliffe 10.30 TJ Hooker 10pm Six Women Conductors (Sweden)
11PM  11pm Made In Australia
11.30 Lost Empires
11.30 Don’t Rock The Boat 11.30 Soap 11.30 Superstar Wrestling 11.20 Breaking The Silence (UK)
12AM  12.30am Close 12am Today (NBC) 12am Movie: Purple Rain. 1984 [IMDB] 12.30am Brothers McGregor 12.30am Bicentennial Diary
12.35 Close
1AM  1am Night Shift
2AM  2am Newsworld (Rpt) 2.10 Movie: Lady Caroline Lamb. 1972 [IMDB]
3AM  3am The Borgias
4AM  4am Wings 4.35 Bonanza
5AM  5am The Onedin Line
(Continues to 6am)
5.30 The Young Doctors
(Continues to 6am)
5am Space Angel
5.30 The New Three Stooges
(Continues to 6am)