Monday 17 August 1959 — SYDNEY

All 3 Sydney channels present coverage of Princess Alexandra’s visit to Canberra in what is still considered to be a rare technical feat, requiring weeks of planning by technical staff, particularly as there was at the time no TV services operating in Canberra itself.

Sydney’s ABN2 was the host broadcaster, with its coverage being made available to ATN7 and TCN9, though the commercial channels also provided their own commentaries of the royal visit.

This day includes live coverage of the Princess’ visit to schoolchildren assembled at Manuka Oval. (ABN2 would replay this coverage on Tuesday night)

Later in the evening, ABN2 and ATN7 scheduled live coverage of the Princess (a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II who attended many royal engagements on the Queen’s behalf) attending the State Ball in Canberra. TCN9 schedules delayed coverage of the ball on film.

Film of ABN2’s coverage of the day’s events was sent to Melbourne for transmission on ABV2 later in the week.

The main purpose of Princess Alexandra’s Australian tour was to attend the Queensland centenary celebrations. After her stay in Canberra she spent three weeks touring Queensland.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane was named in her honour following her Queensland visit.

Source: TV News-Times, 15 August 1959

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7.10 Ray Taylor
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8.45 Autumn Affair
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11AM 11.15 Royal Visit: Princess Alexandra at Manuka Oval, Canberra 11.15 Royal Visit: Princess Alexandra at Manuka Oval, Canberra
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11.55 A Woman’s View
11.15am Royal Visit: Princess Alexandra at Manuka Oval, Canberra
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12PM 12pm Test Pattern, Music 12pm Movie: Who Killed Gail Preston [IMDB]
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10.30 Royal Visit: Princess Alexandra at State Ball, Canberra
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