mikedorseyMike Dorsey, the actor best known for playing Reg “Daddy” MacDonald in Number 96, has died in Western Australia.

Number 96 writer David Sale tweeted news of Dorsey’s passing earlier this week.

Born in England, Dorsey migrated to Australia in the mid-1960s and soon started appearing in guest roles in various TV series including Hunter, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Catwalk, Homicide, Contrabandits, Riptide, The Rovers, Boney, The Link Men, Spyforce, Silent Number and Matlock Police.

In 1970 he played the part of Captain Mike Roke in the children’s science fiction series Phoenix Five, but his most famous role came in 1974 when he joined Number 96 as officious town clerk Reginald “Daddy” MacDonald.

wendyblacklockmikedorseyThe uptight Reginald and his scatterbrained wife Edie “Mummy” MacDonald, played by Wendy Blacklock, went on to become a hit with viewers and stayed in the series through to its final episode in 1977. There were plans to produce a spin-off series, Mummy And Me, with Reg taking up a position at an advertising agency, but it was not picked up.

After the demise of Number 96, Dorsey and Blacklock continued to perform “Daddy” and “Mummy” as a touring club act.

Dorsey then went on to an ongoing role in soapie The Young Doctors before taking on the part of amusement parlour owner Vic Marshall in the short-lived series Arcade.

In 2010, he reunited with other former Number 96 stars at the apartment building that became the famous fictional address for the 90th birthday of colleague Johnny Lockwood.

Dorsey’s most recent credited role was as “Pop” in Lockie Leonard in 2007.

Source: IMDB, David Sale


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  1. Mike Dorsey, ex Rolling Stones road manager came to South Africa in the early 1960’s and with a team of investors set up a Dance Club, Cafe and Record Shop in Durban. The Tiles based on the Tiles Club in London featured the top South African and British Pop Groups of their time.
    In no time The Tiles became the most well attended Pop Club in South Africa. Because of Mikes idea and concept the club gave many new South African musicians their first start. I worked with Mike during those times and was sad when he left for Australia and to hear about his passing.
    Love to both Mike and Pam.

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