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On This Day — 25 February

25 February 1970: John Laws (Beauty And The Beast) 25 February 1981: Rosemary Paul (The Restless Years) 25 February 2006: Ada Nicodemou (Home And Away) 25 February 1971: The first episode of the 0-10 Network police drama Matlock Police, based around a fictional town in country Victoria. The series starred Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon, Grigor …

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The Box at 50

By 1973, Melbourne-based Crawford Productions was at its peak, with long-running police dramas Homicide, Division 4 and Matlock Police and a new series, Ryan, all in production. But television drama was going through a generational change in the 1970s — police and crime shows were falling towards the outer while Number 96, launched in 1972, …

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On This Day — 31 January

31 January 1976: Paul Cronin (Matlock Police, Solo One) 31 January 1976: Johnny Farnham 31 January 1998: Kristy Wright (Home And Away) 31 January 2004: Jane Allsop and Martin Sacks (Blue Heelers) 31 January 2009: Jodi Gordon and Luke Jacobz (Home And Away) 31 January 1983: The first episode of the new Nine Network police …

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On This Day — 6 January

6 January 1971: Garry Pankhurst and Skippy (Skippy The Bush Kangaroo) 6 January 1973: Michael Pate (Matlock Police) 6 January 1973: Joe Hasham (Number 96) and Sue Phelan 6 January 1979: ABC Sportsman Of The Year 6 January 1990: Kylie Minogue 6 January 1996: TV Turns 40 6 January 2007: Home And Away 6 January …

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On This Day — 11 September

11 September 1971: Terence Donovan (Division 4) and Sue Donovan (Matlock Police) 11 September 1971: Ted Hamilton (Division 4) 11 September 1976: Graeme Blundell (Alvin Purple) 11 September 1976: Jon English (Number 96) 11 September 1993: Dieter Brummer and Melissa George (Home And Away) 11 September 1999: Sigrid Thornton (Seachange) 11 September 2004: Wil Traval …

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On This Day — 24 August

24 August 1974: Paul Cronin (Matlock Police) 24 August 1974: Paul Karo (The Box) 24 August 1991: Melissa Tkautz and Bruce Samazan (E Street) 24 August 1996: Melissa George (Home And Away) 24 August 2002: Peter Phelps (Stingers) 24 August 2002; Myles Pollard and Bridie Carter (McLeod’s Daughters) 24 August 1982: ABC debuts a ten-part …

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On This Day — 8 July

8 July 1972: Grigor Taylor, Michael Pate, Paul Cronin, Vic Gordon (Matlock Police) 8 July 1995: Melissa George (Home And Away) and Kimberley Joseph (Gladiators) 8 July 2000: Bec Cartwright (and sister Kristy) and Kym Valentine (and sister Shayne) 8 July 2006: Aaron Jeffery and Michelle Langstone (McLeod’s Daughters) 8 July 1972: ABC has live …

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On This Day — 5 July

5 July 1975: Skyhooks 5 July 2003: Sibylla Budd and Dan Spielman (The Secret Life Of Us) 5 July 1964: The 1957 film Heaven Knows Mr Allison is broadcast on GTV9, Melbourne. Starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum, the film went on to become the decade’s highest rating movie screening — attracting a rating of 59 …

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Obituary: Judi Farr

Actress Judi Farr, best known from classic comedies like My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours? and Kingswood Country, has died. With a career across film, stage and television, Farr came to fame as Rita Stiller in the 1960s sitcom My Name’s McGooley, What’s Yours? (pictured below with co-stars Gordon Chater and John Meillon) She reprised the …

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Obituary: Peter Flett

Peter Flett, actor from stage, film and television, has died. Born in the NSW town of Dungog, Flett’s working life was set to take a very different direction when at age 15 he left school and became a hairdresser’s apprentice in Sydney, going on to win NSW Apprentice of the Year. But with only eight months …

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