29 January 1964: Johnny O’Keefe (Sing, Sing, Sing)

29 January 1972: Johnny Young (Young Talent Time)

29 January 1977: Bert Newton (The Don Lane Show, New Faces)

29 January 1983: Val Lehman and Maggie Kirkpatrick (Prisoner)

29 January 1994: Melissa George and Jimmy Lucinia (Home And Away)

29 January 2000: Kristy Wright (Above The Law)

29 January 2005: Samantha Tolj and John Wood (Blue Heelers)

29 January 1962: To commemorate the Australia Day public holiday, the ABC special The Bloke pays tribute to the late Australian poet CJ Dennis, including interviews with his friends, peers and biographer. The program also features re-enactments of two poems from The Sentimental Bloke — “The Intro” and “Mar”. The Bloke was scripted and narrated by Kit Denton (father of Andrew Denton) and included performances by actors Ken Goodlet, Margherita Keane, Agnes Dobson, Wynn Roberts and James Lynch.

29 January 1990: ABC presents live coverage of the NFL Superbowl XXIV, direct from New Orleans. Steve Vizard presents the first edition of his new late-night show, Tonight Live With Steve Vizard — 30 years since Tonight Live began [2020]

29 January 1991: The Nine Network launches its new adults-only drama Chances. Initially screening twice a week, the series struggled to catch on and was later cut back to one episode per week before playing out its last episodes late at night — 30 years since Chances [2021]

29 January 1996: Nine debuts its new late-night drama Pacific Drive in the 9.30pm timeslot before settling it into its regular timeslot of 11.00pm Monday and Wednesday nights. The series, described as “Melrose Place on the Gold Coast”, included cast Simone Buchanan, Kate Raison, Adrian Lee, Mark Constable, André Eikmeier, Joss McWilliam, Lloyd Morris, Kate Raison, Danielle Spencer, Christine Stephen-Daly, Erik Thomson, Libby Tanner and Melissa Tkautz.

29 January 2001: Seven‘s morning program The Big Breakfast is returned as an afternoon program, The Big Arvo, featuring presenters Anna Choy, Jennifer Hardy and Luke Jacobz.

29 January 2007: Nine‘s quiz show Temptation returns for a new year. Later, Seven launches its new game show, The Rich List, and Nine debuts 1 vs 100.

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