28 January 1978: Rebecca Gilling, Ken James, Camilla Rountree (Glenview High)

28 January 1981: George Negus (60 Minutes)

28 January 1984: Joanna Moore (The Channel Niners)

28 January 1995: Georgie Parker (Fire)

28 January 2006: Tim Campbell, Ada Nicodemou, Nicholas Bishop (Home And Away)

28 January 1975: The Seven Network‘s school drama Class Of ’74 returns as Class Of ’75. With the new series comes a number of new cast members and characters, and a revised emphasis towards comedy. The new-look series was short-lived.

28 January 1991: Don Lane presents ABC’s live coverage of the Superbowl XXV, played in Tampa, Florida.

28 January 2001: Seven debuts the two-part mini-series On The Beach, a remake of the 1959 film of the same name, starring Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward and Armand Assante. Like the 1959 production, the mini-series was filmed in Melbourne.

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