13 July 1968: Tony Bonner (Skippy The Bush Kangaroo)

13 July 1974: Paul Karo (The Box)

13 July 1985: Ray Martin (Midday With Ray Martin)

13 July 1991: Christopher Truswell (Hey Dad) and Rebecca Gibney (All Together Now)

13 July 1996: Catherine McClements (Water Rats)

13 July 2002: Daisy Puckeridge, Erik Thomson, Georgie Parker (All Saints)

13 July 1959: Out of Sydney’s three TV stations, only one was on-air before midday. In October 1958, ATN7 launched Australia’s first TV ‘breakfast session’ with Ray Taylor, including news updates, Crusader Rabbit and Australia’s first TV serial, Autumn Affair.

13 July 1977: The premiere episode of the 0-10 Network drama Hotel Story. The series had controversially been axed prior to any episodes going to air and with only seven episodes completed. With the premature cancellation of the show generating media coverage, Melbourne’s ATV0 proceeded to rush the completed handful of episodes to air, leaving viewers to see for themselves what all the fuss was about — The short saga of Hotel Story [2017]

13 July 1985: ABC presents Oz For Africa, the Australian component of the worldwide Live Aid concerts. The ABC telecast is in co-operation with the Seven Network, Telecom Australia and the Overseas Telecommunications Commission.

13 July 2003: The Seven Network debuts game show Deal Or No Deal. Hosted by Andrew O’Keefe, the show begins as a weekly program before later being adapted to a weeknight format.


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