Happy New Year from Number 96

Happy New Year (1973) from Number 96 cast members Joe Hasham, Abigail, Elaine Lee and Tom Oliver.

The series that arrived with much controversy early in 1972 had ended the year with some big cliffhangers:

  • Is Bev Houghton (Abigail) having an incestuous relationship with her brother, Rod (John Benton)?
  • Will Salvadore Russo (John Serge) survive the gunshot wound inflicted by Gary Whittaker (Mike Ferguson)?
  • Can Aldo Godolfus (Johnny Lockwood) accept Roma Lubinski’s (Philippa Baker) marriage proposal?
  • Will Don Finlayson (Joe Hasham) enter into a marriage of convenience with Sally Fielding (Christine Danielle)?
  • Does Gordon Vansard (Joe James) survive the fiery car crash?

All would be resolved early in 1973.

During 1973, the series would also top the ratings as Australia’s most popular program, and go on to collect its first TV Week Logie awards: Best New Drama, and Pat McDonald for Best Actress).

Source: Number 96 Home Page

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