Number 96 on DVD again in 2010

janadele TV critic and self-confessed Number 96 tragic Andrew Mercado has announced that the third boxed set DVD of the famous Aussie soap Number 96 will be released by Umbrella Entertainment in 2010.

‘Aftermath of Murder’ picks up where the last DVD release (‘the Pantyhose Murderer’) left off and new characters in the series this time around include outrageous showgirl Trixie O’Toole (pictured, with Reg MacDonald played by Mike Dorsey), a recurring character in the series played by Jan Adele, and Vera Collins’ (Elaine Lee) new boarder Adam Shaw (Justin Rockett).

The episodes originally aired early in 1975.

Source:, Have Phaser Will Travel

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  1. You mean to say the DVD releases have left new, Number 96 virgin viewers hanging by their suspender belts, waiting to see who the murderer is?!
    That's a cruel and unusual punishment!

  2. Hi Jayne, no the identity of the Pantyhose Murderer was revealed at the end of the second DVD box set. This set of episodes just continues from where that storyline left off. And if they can justify some more box sets after this we could soon be revisiting the bomb blast episode

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