acp_1982 As Sargeant Frank Gilroy in A Country Practice, Brian Wenzel (pictured, centre) was the face of law and order in the quiet town of Wandin Valley for over a decade.

Now, fifteen years later, 80-year-old Wenzel is back on TV but as a cop of a different kind – as “bedroom police chief” in a new commercial for sexual dysfunction clinic Advanced Medical Institute.

The bedroom chief arrives to save the day when a newlywed wife complains of her husband “speeding in the sack.”

What would Esme Watson (Joyce Jacobs) have thought??


3 thoughts on “Sgt. Gilroy on bedroom patrol

  1. Now that’s a new low for a once popular actor. Surely at 80 he doesn’t still need the money. He should be ashamed of himself promoting AMI. If you have sexual dysfunction issues, please see your qualified local GP.

  2. ashamed of himself?anonymous of course your anonymous……good on him brian wenzel like he says hes a pensioner and good on him for apearing in a public information comercial the more the better…..and for 80 years young i hope i =ve got the same spunk as brian…whether hes gettin 5 grand or not the blokes a legend.!!!

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