philkeoghan New Zealander Phil Keoghan was a TV presenter in his home country before heading to the United States where he has since fronted thirteen series of award-winning reality show The Amazing Race (a fourteenth series is now in progress).  But it seems that Keoghan (pictured) made his own pit-stop on Australian TV as a reporter on technology program The Big Byte in 1994.

The Big Byte, a joint production between SBS, New Zealand’s TVNZ and Asian Star TV, was hosted by Basia Bonkowski, a familiar face at SBS since the early ’80s.  Keoghan (pictured) and SBS’ Meave O’Meara filed reports for the program focusing on the Asia-Pacific and North American regions.  Former Beyond 2000 reporter Simon Nasht reported from Europe and the United Kingdom.  Producer for The Big Byte was former Beyond 2000 producer Phil Gerlach.

According to The Big Byte‘s publicity blurb:

The 26-part series will be fun, fast moving and accessible family television, designed to guide the novice and update the enthusiast on the uses and misuses of personal computers, fax machines, cellular telephones and the dizzying array of hardware and software in the context of the worldwide shift to digital information.

The Big Byte aired on SBS between March and October 1994.

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