michaelpate Veteran Australian actor Michael Pate, best known for his role in the long-running series Matlock Police, has died in hospital in NSW at the age of 88.

Born in Sydney in 1920, Pate began his career as a writer and broadcaster for ABC Radio at age 18. He later moved into acting in radio productions and on the stage before going to the US where he went on to appear in numerous movies and TV productions. Curiously, the Aussie actor was often cast as native Americans.

Pate returned to Australia in the late ’60s and in the early 1970s played the role of Detective Sargeant Vic Maddern in the popular 0-10 Network drama Matlock Police.

With a distinctive and resounding voice, Pate was often employed for voice-over work and narration while continuing with acting roles, producing and writing. His work in adapting the novel Tim into a film screenplay earned him an award from the Australian Writers’ Guild.

Retiring from acting in 2001, Pate continued writing and just prior to his death was working on a film script which his son, fellow actor Christopher, may end up completing.

Michael Pate is survived by wife Felippa Rock, son Christopher, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Source: The Australian, The Age, ABC

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